Thorin Criticises Astralis For Their Talent Development Program


Thorin Criticises Astralis For Their Talent Development Program

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Thorin feels that Astralis will sign young players to bad contracts through their talent development initiative.
  • Astralis announced this program yesterday to function as a recruitment platform cum training partner for the A teams.
  • Thorin took an indirect shot at the Danish organization as well.

Astralis announced a new talent development initiative on 12th November which would act as a recruitment platform cum training partner for their A teams and British esports journalist Duncan "Thorin" Shields is not too happy with this development program as he goes on to say that “Looks like Astralis will now try to sign young players to shit contracts.”

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Thorin Criticises Astralis Talent Development Program

Moments after the news about Astralis talent development program broke out Thorin tweeted out his opinion on the situation by saying that all Astralis will do now is sign young players to bad contracts by offering them a low salary and then sell them to other teams and organizations for a huge amount, as he went on to state that “Astralis get first dibs or can keep them in contract prison.”

He further went on to explain the situation to the fans by indirectly saying that the Danish organization is nothing without their three-time CS:GO Major winning lineup which consists of dev1ce, dupreeh, Xyp9,x gla1ve, and Magisk.

“It will destroy your nonsense illusions that it's the org making them so good. Just look at their LoL (League of Legends) team.”

Thorin Criticises Astralis For Their Talent Development Program

Astralis has committed to help develop the upcoming and young talent from their region in a professional setting through this initiative for both Counter-Strike and League of Legends. They have already hired two coaches for the two titles who will be responsible for grooming the novice talents which will be finalized by January 2021.

Thorin Criticises Astralis For Their Talent Development Program

There has always been some kind of friction between Thorin and Astralis (or members of the organization) be it a full-on social media showdown or banter. Earlier this year he was caught up in a bit of a tussle with senior Astralis player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz where Thorin was called out by the CS:GO community for being a bit too personal with his criticism.

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More recently Thorin was spotted throwing shade at Astralis as he via a Flashpoint creative stated that he was glad Astralis was not participating in the ongoing Flashpoint Season 2 to which Astralis replied with a humble yet snarky “same”.

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