[Watch] Flusha Denies Plant Using 1000 IQ Nade to Win an Eco

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It has been quite some time since we have seen Robin "flusha" Ronnquist bless us all with a clip this good. The Swede was not at his prime best in their match against MAD Lions at IEM Beijing 2020 - Europe but he gave us this high IQ grenade play on the second map Inferno which won a crucial eco-round for the side.

High IQ Nade Play From Flusha Wins Fnatic The Round

The Swedes were facing a crucial 17th round after losing the second pistol round on Inferno when MAD Lions went for a super late execute on the ‘B-Site’. Unfortunately for them, it was Flusha who was holding ‘Construction’ though MAD Lions smoked him off this only elevated the threat as they were unable to see Flusha prepare their demise.

The experienced Swede waited for the perfect moment after being visually cut off to throw the nade he held in his hands, waiting for the perfect moment to throw it and boy what a sweet timing did he hit with that one. Scoring a perfect home run for his side as he denied the plant with 4 seconds left on the clock and robbing Mad Lions of a round that they should have won.

It was a classic through the smoke moment for Flusha but instead of shooting them down, he opted to throw a bit of shade on them by popping off the perfect nade. Fnatic went on to win the map as they equalized the series ‘1-1’.

But it was short lived happiness as the Danish side of MAD Lions struck back in the decider on Mirage and destroyed Fnatic by a score of ‘16-9’. With this defeat, the Swedish lineup has been eliminated from IEM Beijing 2020 - Europe while MAD Lions proceed further to now faceoff against the French side of Vitality.

Flusha overall did not have a really great outing as he finished with an overall rating of just 0.85, a K-D differential of -9 and an ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 68.3. So despite the incredible nade tactic shown by him, that was the only appreciation that came his way that match.

[Watch] Flusha Denies Plant Using 1000 IQ Nade to Win an Eco

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