[Watch] Deaf CS:GO Player Takes 1v5 Clutch Ace on Overpass, G2 Responds

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Nov/2020 09:25 am

Deaf CS:GO Twitch streamer from Estonia takes a brilliant clutch ace on Overpass.
G2 Esports commends him for the gameplay.

Try playing CS:GO or as a matter of fact, any shooter on mute. Even the thought of doing such a thing is scary enough, now imagine what it would feel like to play like this every single day. For 23-year-old deaf Twitch streamer ‘zennithh’ from Estonia this is no big deal, as he shows off how easy it is for him to win the round for his team by securing a brilliant 1v5 clutch ace on Overpass.

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Deaf CS:GO Player Takes Brilliant Clutch Ace

Zennithh who has been playing Counter-Strike since 2012 is deaf in real life but this has never stopped him from playing CS:GO, a game which he now streams on Twitch as he aims to take up streaming as a full-time job.

The Estonian recently blew up when a brilliant 1v5 clutch ace taken by him on Overpass went viral on Reddit as users poured in with commends and a few doubts as to how he manages to play a shooter so well without any sound cues, which are a very important part of such games.

While clarifying their doubts zennithh said that he mostly gets information passed down to him via chat as he always informs his teammates at the beginning of the match that he is deaf. Most of the time this works out well for him, but sometimes it can be problematic as wrong information gets passed on to him.

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Despite this major set back zennithh has continued enjoying the game since 2012 and states that he is “still loving it today”. The brilliant clutch ace shows that even without any proper information on his opponents and no sound cues to help him, he is self-sufficient at handling any situation.

G2 Esports took notice of this insane play and commended the streamer while asking him if went on to win the match or not. Sadly even after his heroics, his team lost the match but on the bright side he got noticed by the CS:GO community members and even got a pat in the back from G2 themselves!


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