[Watch] CS:GO Pro Takes The Most Ridiculous No Scope Ever

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[Watch] CS:GO Pro Takes The Most Ridiculous No Scope Ever

One of the craziest shots to take in CS:GO is the ‘No Scope’ which is nothing but taking a kill from the bolt action sniper (AWP) without using the scope, it is easier said than done especially if you are in a clutch situation and the stakes are high. Argentine AWPer Jonathan "JonY BoY" Munoz who is also the in-game leader of Isurus took the most ridiculous no scope ever and the entire CS:GO community had nothing but praise for the one in a million shot.

CS:GO Pro Takes An Insane Jumping No Scope

Facing off against each other in the final of FiReLEAGUE Latin Power Fall 2020 both Isurus and 9z were going toe-to-toe on the second map Overpass when JonY BoY took the lead for his side on the back of this insane jumping no scope. It was a completely lucky shot and definitely not something that the player had done intentionally however he took a chance and it turned out to be a ‘one in a million shot’ for him.

With the clock running down and the T-sided player quickly scrabbling to the ‘B-Site’ to plant the C4, JonY BoY won the 1v1 clutch in style by jumping from ‘Heaven’ and taking a no scope shot just before landing to deny the plant, claim the clutch, and win the round for his side in a style that is impossible to recreate.

The overall series was won by Isurus in what was probably the most grueling finals of a CS:GO tournament as a total of 113 rounds were played across the three maps. Each map went into at least one overtime before coming to an end as both the teams won their respective map picks before Isurus was able to claim the decider in a double-overtime game.

[Watch] CS:GO Pro Takes The Most Ridiculous No Scope Ever

JonY BoY went on to top frag for his side with a total of 86 kills, a K-D differential of +14, and an overall rating of 1.14, ensuring that Isurus qualified for BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Showdown by finishing first in the tournament.

[Watch] CS:GO Pro Takes The Most Ridiculous No Scope Ever

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