Shroud Excludes CS:GO From His “Top 3 FPS Games Right Now”


Shroud Excludes CS:GO From His “Top 3 FPS Games Right Now”

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Shroud in one of his recent streams went on to name his 'top 3 FPS games right now'.
  • He excluded CS:GO from the list but did comment on the game later on.
  • One of the games in his top three was certainly an unusual pick.

One of the most popular streamers in the world Michael “shroud” Grzesiek who is also a former professional Counter-Strike player recently named his ‘top three FPS games to play right now’ while answering a few questions put forth by the viewers on his stream. To everyone’s surprise or not shroud didn’t mention the age-old shooter Counter-Strike which turned 20 yesterday on 8th November.

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Shroud’s Top 3 FPS Games Right Now

While answering the questions Shroud said that “Well if you had to say right now, like right this second I would say VALORANT, Squad, and Apex. Like if you asked me right this second those are the first three that come to mind.”

Having said that shroud continued on to answer other questions without blinking twice, ignoring CS:GO completely a game that he had once competed in most famously under the banner of Cloud9 with whom he played for three consecutive years from 2014-2017.

Taking a look at his choices though it seems reasonable that Shroud did not mention CS:GO as he clearly stated that all the three games were his current favorites and not the three best FPS games of all time.


VALORANT was a straight forward choice considering that it is his go-to title at the moment while streaming and he seems to be enjoying the game quite a lot as well. He had picked up VALORANT early on and though he was skeptical about how the game would turn out to be especially when compared to CS:GO at the time, his opinions have definitely undergone a paradigm shift since then as he has nothing but praise for it.


Squad was a surprise for many but as shroud has time and again gone back to the game and enjoys the teamwork aspect associated with it maybe he feels a great deal more about the title than he shows.

Shroud Excludes CS:GO From His “Top 3 FPS Games Right Now”

For those who haven’t heard of it ‘Squad’ is a tactical shooter set in a modern environment and lies somewhere between a 5v5 and a full-scale battle royale. The userbase might not be huge but it is a dedicated one.

Apex Legends

The final entry was Apex Legends a game that was a huge hit when it initially came out and has since continued to trudge on. The fast-paced battle royale was a breath of fresh air with operator skills and beautiful graphics, it was also an instant hit among the streamers with Shroud also streaming the game non-stop at the time.

Shroud Excludes CS:GO From His “Top 3 FPS Games Right Now”

Just last month he went on to say that “Apex is by far still the best BR on market”. Guess we all know now why he keeps going back to it from time-to-time.

All said and done Shroud did go on to appreciate CS:GO by saying that “CS is literally the god game, the best game ever made. Fact. Maybe not CS:GO but CS in general you know as a series.”

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