[Watch] Tarik Dodges More Than 20 Bullets With Insane Movement

Aditya Singh Rawat
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[Watch] Tarik Dodges More Than 20 Bullets With Insane Movement


Evil Geniuses rifler Tarik "tarik" Celik is one of the most talented CS:GO pros from the North American region. He might not have been in the limelight for a while now when it comes to the competitive circuit but that has not stopped him from showing off a little. In a recent Twitch stream, tarik showed why movement was so important in CS:GO as he danced around to dodge more than 20 bullets and survived on 14 points of health.

Tarik Survives After Dodging More Than 20 Bullets

In a recent stream, while playing a match on Mirage tarik showed off some sick movement skills as he outplayed his opponents in the second pistol round near ‘Palace’. Playing CT-sided tarik held a position below palace as he moved around a bit to take down two opponents who entered the site.

The real magic however occurred when the third guy entered and started shooting at tarik who had run out of bullets. So while reloading his weapon he quickly climbed the ladders leading up to ‘Palace’ and started going up and down on it which made the enemy miss almost an entire clip of his P2000.

Of course, he took plenty of damage as he went down from 88 HP to only survive at 14 HP but the highlight is that he survived only because of having mastered the movement mechanics of the game.

Users pointed out that tarik possesses such incredible movement skills as he plays a lot of KZ (Kreedz) on stream which is a special CS:GO map dedicated to jumping, moving, and bhopping. The aim of the map is to help the user improve their movement skills as they try to complete various stages by reaching point ‘B’ from point ‘A’ as fast as possible.

Movement is a big part of CS:GO and tarik just proved why it is always beneficial to dedicate some amount of time to hone this skill as well. It is really tough to master movement and even the best player in the world Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev lacks a bit when it comes to this department.

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