Shroud Talks About Competitive CS:GO Dying in North America

Shroud Talks About Competitive CS:GO Dying in North America

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Shroud talks about the state of CS:GO in North America among other things.
  • He talks about how NA only has a handful of teams when compared to EU.
  • Shroud went on to say that "CS is undeniably dying."

Michael "shroud" Grzesiek was recently spotted talking about the competitive Counter-Strike scene in North America, how it is currently doing, what are the problems the region might be facing, and a lot of other things. The former Cloud9 pro did not beat around the bush or try to sugar coat his words as he went on to say that “NA just died in CS:GO, hard.”

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Shroud Talks About The State Of CS:GO In NA

Shroud who was once a CS:GO pro himself playing for Cloud9 from 2014 - 2017 has long left the game behind, he can still be seen dabbling in a game of CS:GO every now and then on his streams but it is not his main game any longer.

Despite this disconnect from the competitive side of things as a player, it seems Shroud still keeps a tab on what is going on in the competitive circuit and recently discussed a few things related to the state of Counter-Strike in the North American region.

With the recent departure of 100 Thieves from CS:GO for the second time in the organization’s history, a question popped up in everyone’s mind whether the NA scene was dying or not? 

Answering this Shroud went on to say that “There are (only a few) NA teams now. NA as a whole is not popular at all. You have EG, you have Liquid, and that’s it. The rest of (competition) is European.” He went on to point out that Complexity had also moved to Europe with their lineup despite being a North American organization because of the same reason.

“NA just died in CS:GO, hard. In my opinion, that’s a very big L (loss) to the community, to lose NA. Because I think they brought so much hype, and so much excitement into the game and scene, so for that to be lost kind of sucks.”

Further talking about CS:GO as a whole Shroud said that the game was undeniably dying as he sprung up a very real doubt as to how the players were still earning so much? “I don’t understand where this money is coming from and how it’s still pumping, it is crazy.”

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He concluded by talking about how the scene is not evolving much as they don’t benefit at all playing with each other as the skill levels are all the same more or less, while also criticizing the way team’s practice in the NA region.

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