100 Thieves to Reportedly Leave CS:GO

100 Thieves to Reportedly Leave CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • 100 Thieves might be pulling out of CS:GO once again.
  • Despite a second place finish at ESL Pro League Season 12 the team's future is looking grim.
  • Their CS:GO coach Chet recently left the team to join NRG Esports' VALORANT roster.

The North American organization 100 Thieves might be pulling out of CS:GO once again. Their current Australian dominated lineup has not been performing well at all and despite their second-place finish at ESL Pro League Season 12: North America it looks like the organization is not motivated enough to continue competing in Counter-Strike as per reports by HLTV.

100 Thieves Are Leaving CS:GO

Almost a year after singing the Renegades lineup in order to compete in CS:GO once again, 100 Thieves have failed to achieve what they had aimed for with their “championship-caliber roster”. In fact, they have not even been in the top ten of HLTV rankings in the last five months!

This could be attributed to the fact that the whole CS:GO scene transitioned to online competitions due to the global health situation but even on LAN they were not having the best time with just one respectable second-place finish at IEM Beijing 2019 under their belt.

If the turbulent year-long ride was not a reason enough, the recent reports coming in that suggest that Complexity are looking to sign their top-performing player Justin “jks” Savage who has held a respectable rating of 1.19 in the last six months seems to have demotivated the morale of the entire team even more.

100 Thieves did not undergo a single player change in order to improve their performance, they believed in this one lineup through-and-through, giving them 12 months to produce something but unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

Recently their coach Chet “Chet” Singh also bid farewell to the team leaving Counter-Strike altogether and moving on to VALORANT, joining his former organization NRG Esports. This could be pointed out as the starting point of the team’s eventual collapse who are still partnered with both BLAST Premier and ESL Pro League, at this moment it is not known what would happen to their reserved spots in the two tournaments.

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This is the second time that 100 Thieves are pulling out of CS:GO, they had already done this before in January 2018 when they had disbanded their roster and withdrawn from the game without their lineup even appearing for a single game.

100 Thieves has recently been facing a lot of criticism from the esports community of not being a competitive esports organization. They have been called out as an ‘esports apparel brand’ by many and them pulling out of CS:GO just goes on to add power to these statements. Hopefully, things will turn around for the organization that has not had a good run in Counter-Strike in both their outings.

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