Astralis Criticised For Hiring Unpaid Volunteers, Organization Responds

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO community calls out Astralis for hiring unpaid volunteers for social media and editorial positions.
  • Another smaller Danish esports organization Copenhagen Flames is paying for a similar job role.
  • Astralis responds, explaining what volunteering means to them and promising changes moving forward.

Astralis came under fire yesterday as many from the CS:GO community criticized them for hiring unpaid volunteers for social media and editorial positions despite being one of the biggest esports organizations in the world who is also listed on Nasdaq Nordic. Earlier today Astralis took notice of the criticism and came back with a response where they explained their stance on volunteer work while also accepting that some changes need to be made.

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Astralis Called Out For Hiring Unpaid Volunteers

The CS:GO community was not happy to see Astralis offering unpaid ‘Social Media’ and ‘Editorial’ work to people, with the common complaint being that a company of such size and stature should not be hiring volunteers for jobs that are generally paid positions.

Focus on the matter gained traction when a Reddit user ‘Temporal_Bellusaurus’ brought to everyone’s attention how Astralis were offering exposure, experience, merchandise, and more instead of money in return for social media and editorial work which included match coverage, match highlights, fan interaction during the match, creating memes, and updating their website with different types of content.

Astralis Criticised For Hiring Unpaid Volunteers, Organization Responds

The user also went on to highlight that a similar job position ‘Social Media: Part-Time Assistant’ was being offered by another Danish esports organization Copenhagen Flames, for which the person being hired would be getting paid.

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Astralis Responds

Taking cognizance of the criticism being received from the community Astralis responded via a Facebook post where they went on to state that they have been working with volunteers for a long time now and that “Volunteer work is quite normal and really an essential part of the culture in basically all sports clubs in this country (Denmark).”

Having said that the organization went on to acknowledge that as they operate in a different ecosystem they will “re-evaluate the way we work around match coverage including the current team of volunteers.” They went on to thank the community for voicing their concerns and said that as long as everything is kept respectful “We’re always ready for a dialogue.”

So moving forward we can expect that the volunteer work being offered by Astralis might have some sort of monetary benefit to it as well. The current positions being offered by the organization are ‘Social Media’ and ‘Editorial’ with 12th October being the application deadline.

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