“I’m ready to return to competing in CS:GO” - GuardiaN Speaks His Heart Out


“I’m ready to return to competing in CS:GO” - GuardiaN Speaks His Heart Out

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • GuardiaN says that he has unfinished business and is ready to compete in CS:GO again.
  • He talks about his time in Na'Vi and what has he been up to since being benched.
  • The Slovak is confident of his abilities and says that he is hungry for a Major trophy like never before.

Counter-Strike legend Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs who has been sitting on Natus Vincere’s bench since January 2020 finally speaks up about his time with Na’Vi, what he has been up to since going inactive, and his plans for the future. The Slovak through a column for Dexerto has said it loud and clear to all the teams out there that are scouting players that “I’m ready…”

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GuardiaN Says He Is Ready To Comeback

In his most recent stint with Na’Vi, GuardiaN was just not able to perform for the Ukrainian side as he failed in every event with the team patiently giving him time to find his rhythm which sadly he never did. Things reached such a point that the 29-year-old started facing heavy criticism for his consistently poor performance and mainly for stealing the AWP away from Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, who at that point had shifted to the role of a rifler.

There was immense pressure on the Slovak as the community started pointing him out as the biggest reason for dragging the whole lineup of Na’Vi down, with everything working against him GuardiaN decided to take a break after a discussion with Na’Vi.

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GuardiaN in his column for Dexerto wrote “My game-to-game rating was on a steady decline and I wasn’t comfortable with my impact inside the server. So at the backend of January, both the team and I made the decision to move me into an inactive role on the bench.”

He goes on to reveal that during his time off he has been playing CS:GO 6 days a week, grinding a lot on FPL to improve his game. GuardiaN says that he feels really comfortable with the AWP now and is ready to come back to play the game competitively.

“I’m ready to return to competing in CS:GO at the highest level. People might say that I’m old, but I think that age is just a number in CS.”

He goes on to speak about how he is ready to take on the role of a primary AWPer for a team and grind with them to become one of the best AWPers in the scene once again. He talks about how he has improved, his hunger to win a Major, his attitude moving ahead, and what he is looking for in a team.

“I’m not just coming back to CS:GO to tick a box and earn a paycheck. It’s much, much more than that. I’m hungrier than ever; and I feel like with the right team, I can finally claim the elusive Major trophy.”

GuardiaN has been absent from the competitive scene for more than half a year now and during this time the entire scene has shifted from LAN-based events to online tournaments due to the global situation. Let’s see if any of the CS:GO teams out there are ready to take a chance with him carrying the AWP for them, and if given a chance is GuardiaN able to prove his worth.

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