Danish Police Congratulates Heroic For Their Outstanding Performance


Danish Police Congratulates Heroic For Their Outstanding Performance

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It is not often that we witness organizations from outside the business of gaming take a keen interest in esports, so it was a special moment for Heroic when the Danish police ‘Fyns Politi’ tweeted out a message congratulating them for reaching the finals of ESL One: Cologne 2020 Europe - Finals.

Danish Police Congratulates Heroic

Fyns Politi was all praise for the Danish organization as they compared them to their military bomb defusal team, joking that they have recently recruited Heroic to their taskforce as “They’re experts in both defusing bombs and controlled explosions!” They went on to congratulate the team for reaching the finals of ESL One Cologne 2020. 

Though the message by the government organization was tweeted out before Heroic’s eventual victory over their French adversaries, it was still an amazing moment as the government organization paid respect to the Danish lineup who ended up being the first CS:GO team from Denmark to win an ESL One title.

Heroic is the first Danish team to win an ESL One event


Not even the great Astralis have managed to win an ESL One title despite the team having won four CS:GO Majors. It was a truly remarkable effort by Heroic who were underdogs coming into the tournament, but every single player on the team played truly remarkable Counter-Strike through the entirety of the event, growing in confidence with each passing round.

The finals were a clean sweep by the Danes who took down a formidable-looking Team Vitality without any problem. Despite being the youngest team in the top 20 HLTV world rankings Heroic played as if they had done this a thousand times over in the past, the team’s synergy was unparalleled and their ambition too fierce.

It will be interesting to see how they perform in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 12: Europe where they have been placed in Group-A alongside other powerhouses like BIG, Na’Vi, OG, and more.

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