Pronax Forced to Spend a Night at a Mental Hospital in Malmo


Pronax Forced to Spend a Night at a Mental Hospital in Malmo

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Former CS:GO player pronax posts multiple unusual tweets.
  • The Swede asks for help as he is forced to spend a night in a mental hospital.
  • He claims that his colleagues are behind all this and that he is need of a lawyer's help.  

This story is still under development but it seems that retired Swedish Counter-Strike player Markus "pronax" Wallsten was apparently forced to spend a night at a mental hospital in Malmo. In an unusual Tweet made by the Swede yesterday, he can be seen asking for help as he states that “People from my own company is lying about me and I’m forced into mental hospital again, help please.”

Pronax Spends A Night At Mental Hospital

Early Morning 24th August

The 29-year-old retired Counter-Strike professional sent out a series of unusual tweets yesterday which surprised the CS:GO community. Pronax was seen asking for help in Swedish as he specifically stated that “I need lawyer help.” He went on to claim that his colleagues had fabricated some lies due to which he was being forced into a mental hospital in Malmo.

His final Tweet observed the former player asking for a lawyer’s help, he also revealed that the same thing had occurred with him one year ago as he claimed that “This only happens because my own colleagues/family know I was going to go to the police and make a report.”

Though many users who might have known pronax personally or professionally tried to reach out and establish contact with the player at that time, they were unable to do so as he was apparently not answering his phone.

Evening 24th August

After more than 12 hours Pronax tweets again to reveal that he had indeed spent the night at a mental hospital. He thanks everyone for the support and says that he would eventually tell his story.

He goes on to confess that for a long time he had been suspecting his colleagues were up to something as they tried to exclude him from the company (GODSENT), pronax states that “For ~9 months I have been asking for my SEAT at The board, but gotten excuses thrown in my face, we were supposed to do it 27th in Stockholm.”

Pronax also revealed that the police has been involved in the incident and that his colleagues have given him an indirect warning against tweeting about everything.

At the moment this is all that Pronax has revealed about whatever it is that went down yesterday with him. We have had no way to verify everything that the player has stated, for now, all we know is that, 

  • He was forced into a psychiatric emergency for a night.
  • The police might have been involved,
  • Pronax suspects that his colleagues are behind all this.
  • The matter was serious enough for pronax to ask for a lawyer’s help.
  • This is not the first time such a thing has happened to him, the same had occurred a year back as well.
  • No one has been named by pronax till now.
  • Pronax might reveal the complete details of the incident later.

This is all that we know about the entire incident at the moment which is still shrouded in a veil of mystery. Nothing about it is particularly clear to anyone, but the way members of the community came forward to offer help and take quick action was quite pleasing. Hope pronax remains safe and everything gets resolved in a proper manner.

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