[Watch] CS:GO Users Showoff Character Dance Emotes on Custom Servers

[Watch] CS:GO Users Showoff Character Dance Emotes on Custom Servers

Aditya Singh Rawat
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If there is one thing that is still missing from CS:GO it has to be the in-game character dance emotes. Prominently used in Fortnite the viral in-game dance moves seems to be in popular demand among CS:GO community members as well, though they are not available on official matchmaking servers these dance emotes are present on custom servers hosted by a company called Killzone Gaming.

Dance Emotes In Custom CS:GO Servers

Killzone Gaming (KZG) is a non-profit gaming community that hosts a wide variety of servers in the oceanic region for both CS:GO and Mordhau. They allow players to use their servers to enjoy their favorite games, but as these are not the official servers they have been customized as per the users need providing them with something extra.

According to a clip posted by u/reapingsulls123, it seems that KZG CS:GO retake servers allow users to showoff some crazy dance moves. It is unclear how many types of dance emotes are there in total but we can confirm that there are at least six different dance moves that players can use, these are Break Dance, Pump, Ride The Pony, Dab, Eastern Bloc, and Dream Feet.

From the clip above one can see that the dance emotes animation looks smooth and honestly it can be a great addition to the game. The users were really excited to see the dance moves and were hounding the comment section asking for the Server IP.

Though a few users were able to solve this particular query they revealed that despite the server being free in order to use dance emotes on the server a user has to buy something called ‘VIP’ access.

Personally I liked the idea of adding dance emotes to a game, these could turn out to be a valuable asset for Valve if ever released. But its usage has to be well regulated as rightly pointed out by a user “Only after a round ends or when every enemy is dead.”

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