[Watch] CS:GO User Shows Clever One Way Smoke From T-Spawn to Ivy on Train

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Aug/2020 03:45 pm

CS:GO is a great game that has the tendency to get competitive real fast, even if someone is playing just for relaxing. There are moments when it gets really irritating continuously failing to push a site because this one CT keeps picking you off from the same angle over and over again, u/Musclebadger_TG faced a similar situation on Train when an AWPer on ‘Ivy’ ruined his entire game by picking him off in three consecutive rounds. Despite having a bad game he did not simply give up and instead nerded out a spectacular one way smoke from ‘T-Spawn’ to ‘Ivy’ on Train.

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Clever One Way Smoke From T-Spawn To Ivy

A Reddit user who goes by the name of ‘Musclebadger_TG’ has discovered a fantastic smoke on Train using which T-sided players can block the enemy holding ‘Ivy’ right from their spawn point. The user claims that he discovered the jump throw after nerding out a lot of different smoke lineups and his hard work seems to have paid off as users applauded the clever smoke.

From the clip above it is clear how one can go about throwing the smoke, but as the jump throw shown was executed on a 128 tick server users replicating the same on a 64 tick server would need to adjust their lineup slightly. The smoke lands bang in front of ‘Ivy’ but as it is a one-way smoke the CT-sided player holding the position will be the one at a significant disadvantage.

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A few users were off the opinion that the one-way smoke would not work properly as the CT-sided player holding ‘Ivy’ would be able to make out the enemy towards ‘A Main’ as they might block the light and hence cast a slight shadow.

But the majority of the users were glad to have found this smoke and claimed to have already dominated a few games, thanking the user for sharing the clever smoke lineup and making the ‘A-Site’ execute a tad bit easier.


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