Woxic Defends Himself as Many CS:GO Community Members Call Him Toxic


Woxic Defends Himself as Many CS:GO Community Members Call Him Toxic

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Multiple members of the CS:GO community call out woxic for being toxic.
  • These claims surface following the report of woxic being removed from mousesports active lineup.
  • Woxic defends himself while stating that he would give more information soon. 

Turkish CS:GO pro Ozgur "woxic" Eker was recently seen defending himself on Twitter as he was being called out for being toxic by multiple community members on Reddit. These claims started to surface following a report by 1pv.fr which states that mousesports has apparently removed woxic from their active lineup after their disastrous performance at ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online - Europe.

Woxic Called Out For Being Toxic By Community Members

In the report, it was stated that though woxic is still a great player the decision to remove him from the active lineup was attributed to the fact that there were “Various problems concerning his attitude and not his in-game level.”

Many members of the CS:GO community started calling out the player for being toxic on Reddit, pointing out various instances from the past while also sharing clips of the same. As these claims were picking up the heat, author of the initial report neLendirekt came in support of woxic by stating the following,

“I see many comments about woxic being toxic. It's not that. He lacks some qualities in some areas and couldn't fix them. It just didn't work out in this particular team.”

Woxic responded to this comment by thanking him for the support while saying that he will be giving more information on the topic soon. 

Patrik "Zero" Zudel who was a former teammate of woxic also came in support of the player by stating that the player was not ever toxic when they played together in a team.

“He is one of the nicest players I've ever played with. It’s super annoying to read that some people on Reddit are convinced that he is toxic without any proof.”

Woxic Defends Himself as Many CS:GO Community Members Call Him Toxic

Woxic opened up a bit more in his response to Zero thanking him for his honest response while saying that “I have been reading same shit too. Whoever I played already know I’m not toxic.” He also revealed that his rage on Twitch was mostly for show and that people have no right to say ‘He is toxic’ just based on that.

Woxic Defends Himself as Many CS:GO Community Members Call Him Toxic

Woxic might be speaking on the topic soon in detail as stated by him above. No official statement has come from mousesports regarding the future of the player, so maybe the player is holding back until an official announcement has been made by the organization.

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