Valve Responds to Jamppi’s Demand to Lift VAC Ban Till Lawsuit Ends


Valve Responds to Jamppi’s Demand to Lift VAC Ban Till Lawsuit Ends

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve GmbH submits their second response to the lawsuit filed against them by Jamppi.
  • This time they address the application for precautionary measures demanded by Jamppi.
  • Jamppi has demanded removal of his VAC ban for the duration of the lawsuit which has been opposed by Valve.

Since late March 2020 a legal dispute has been taking place between Finnish CS:GO player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen and Valve GmbH which is Valve Corporation’s fully owned subsidiary. After about a month of silence following Jamppi’s renewed claims which included an application for precautionary measures that consists of a penalty payment of €100,000, Valve GmbH’s second response in the case has now been revealed by Ilta-Sanomat.

Valve GmbH Responds To Jamppi

Oppose Jamppi’s Precautionary Measure

Valve GmbH in its response has first and foremost completely opposed the application for precautionary measures by Jamppi stating that there is no urgent need for the applicant to seek legal protection. They clarified their statement by saying that the case was filed in February and since then they have already responded once in May, so Jamppi filing the application in July shows that it is not something which is really very urgent.

“The applicant seeks to gain temporarily by means of a precautionary measure what he cannot achieve with the main case he has initiated”

Highlight Jamppi’s Agreement With ENCE

Valve GmbH further tries to contest that Jamppi who has filed the case as a ‘consumer’ is actually a ‘trader’ based on the two-year agreement signed by him with the Finnish esports organization ENCE’s Counter-Strike team in April.

The above-mentioned agreement has also been used by Valve GmbH to contest Jamppi’s request of removing the VAC ban temporarily for the duration of the lawsuit by stating that doing so would cause more damage to them than the player as “The ENCE agreement shows that the VAC ban does not constitute an obstacle to the pursuit of a business.”

Furthermore, Valve GmbH has claimed that granting the precautionary measure would send a false signal to the entire CS:GO community that they can cheat in the game because there is a chance that their VAC ban could be lifted without justification.

From the above response by Valve GmbH which is their second against Jamppi’s side, it looks like they are doing everything possible to retain Jamppi from getting legal protection through the application for precautionary measures, while also trying to prove that Jamppi is a ‘trader’ and not a ‘consumer’.

For now, the judge still has to make a decision if the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa (Southwest region of Finland) is eligible to handle this case or not and if Valve GmbH is even the right company that should be handling this case. Information about the judge’s final verdict on these decisions is not known at the moment.

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