Na’Vi 2020 Wins 4 of 6 Maps Against Na’Vi 2010 in the Showmatch

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Na'Vi 2020 wins the showmatch against Na'Vi 2010.
  • A total of 6 maps were played, 3 each on CS 1.6 and CS:GO.
  • The peak and average viewership numbers of the showmatch were not as high as expected.

The much-awaited showmatch between the legendary Na’Vi 1.6 lineup from 2010 and the current Na’Vi roster came to an end today with Na’Vi 2020 walking away as the victors. The ‘Boomers Vs Zoomers’ showmatch witnessed the two lineups clash against each other across a total of 6 maps, three each played on CS 1.6 and CS:GO respectively.

Na’Vi 2020 dominated the CS:GO series, winning all the 3 maps on Train, Inferno, and Dust 2 without any problem. But the real surprise was them performing almost equally well in the CS 1.6 series as well, though they managed to win just on match on Inferno the fight they put up in the remaining two maps Train and Tuscan was highly commendable.

Train [CS 1.6]
Na'Vi 2010 - 16
Na'Vi 2020 - 9
Inferno [CS 1.6]
Na'Vi 2010 - 7
Na'Vi 2020 - 16
Tuscan [CS 1.6]
Na'Vi 2010 - 22
Na'Vi 2020 - 19
Train [CS:GO]
Na'Vi 2010 - 8
Na'Vi 2020 - 16
Inferno [CS:GO]
Na'Vi 2010 - 4
Na'Vi 2020 - 16
Dust 2 [CS:GO]
Na'Vi 2010 - 2
Na'Vi 2020 - 16

Na’Vi 2020 Defeats Na’Vi 2010 To Win The Showmatch

It was incredible to witness the stars of the last generation fight it out against the current best CIS team in the world. The crowd was equally divided between the two teams, celebrating every great moment of the showmatch with utmost enthusiasm. 

Na’Vi 2020 Wins 4 of 6 Maps Against Na’Vi 2010 in the Showmatch

Before the showmatch majority of the community were of the opinion that Na’Vi 2010 would win all the CS 1.6 maps while Na’Vi 2020 would win all the CS:GO maps. But both the teams hustled hard and here is how they fared against each other across the two versions of the game.

CS 1.6 - Na’Vi 2010 vs Na’Vi 2020

The first three games were played in CS 1.6 and going against the odds s1mple and co gave the old-timers a pretty tough fight. The first match on Train did witness a slow start for the current Na’Vi roster, but they shifted gears rather quickly to win the next match on Inferno. With the series levelled at ‘1-1’ it all came down to Tuscan where the game went into double overtime before Na’Vi 2010 was finally able to attain victory with the scoreboard reading ‘22-19’.

CS:GO - Na’Vi 2010 vs Na’Vi 2020

Following the first set of matches, the next three games were played in CS:GO and as expected the professionally competing lineup of Na’Vi 2020 was able to win all the three games one after the other without breaking a sweat. The outcome was more or less as expected but overall the Na’Vi 2010 lineup took quite a beating, managing to win just 14 rounds across the three maps.

The showmatch might not have attracted as many viewers as expected or broken any records but it managed to attain a peak of 152,777 viewers along with an average viewership of 111,424. This was way below the viewership attained during the previous showmatch which had a peak of around 192,000 and an average viewership of about 133,500.

Na’Vi 2020 Wins 4 of 6 Maps Against Na’Vi 2010 in the Showmatch

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