Na'Vi CS 1.6 Lineup Wins the Showmatch Against the Ukrainian Stream Team

Aditya Singh Rawat
11/May/2020 11:23 pm

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The showmatch between the Na’Vi CS 1.6 lineup and the Ukrainian stream team came to an end with Zeus and co, winning the five-match series with a score of ‘3-1’ After losing the opening game on Cache by a score of, the 1.6 legends made a comeback by winning back-to-back matches on Tuscan, Dust 2, and Inferno.

Na'Vi 2010 - 10
Streamers - 16
Na'Vi 2010 - 16
Streamers - 4
Dust 2
Na'Vi 2010 - 16
Streamers - 6
Na'Vi 2010 - 16
Streamers - 4

All the players had their respective moments to shine, as Cache and Dust 2 were played in CS:GO while Tuscan and Inferno took place in CS 1.6.

The players seemed to have really enjoyed themselves as they were seen singing the song ‘We Are The Champions by Queen’, celebrating their victory.

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Coming together after almost 10 years, the CS 1.6 lineup attracted a huge crowd to the live stream of the showmatch on Twitch, as the CS 1.6 viewership on the platform overtook that of CS:GO with 125,000 concurrent viewers watching the showmatch at one point of time.

CS 1.6 had More Viewers than CS:GO

At the end of it all, the showmatch was a treat for many who could witness the once-dominant lineup retake the centre stage and play together, reminding everyone of their glorious past and the days gone by.


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