CS:GO on Linux Might be Affecting Users 'Trust Factor' Negatively

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A strange bug is preventing CS:GO from launching in 'Trusted Mode' by default for Linux users.
  • The following bug has gone undetected since the release of the optional anti-cheat.
  • Read on to find out how to detect the problem and its solution.

Valve in the last couple of months has introduced multiple features to CS:GO improving both the game’s performance and its appeal towards the community. The most recent addition ‘Trusted Mode’ was launched earlier last month receiving heavy lash back from the community as questions were raised against its effectivity in preventing cheats. Almost a month since its release there still seems to be some problems associated with this feature as CS:GO players using Linux based systems have started getting their ‘Trust Factors’ negatively affected.

CS:GO on Linux Might be Affecting Users 'Trust Factor' Negatively

CS:GO On Linux Affects Trust Factor Negatively

Earlier today u/gopalkaul5 brought to light a massive revelation stating that the recently introduced ‘Trusted Launch’ option is not actually enabled ‘by default’ for Linux based users, which according to the developers should be running by default for all CS:GO users.

The problem was noticed by the user earlier today when his friends informed him about his poor Trust Factor. After a bit of snooping around, the user found out that he was not running the game in ‘Trusted Mode’ since the update was released on 9th July.

Further discussions on both Reddit and Github with other CS:GO users who also used Linux based systems confirmed that the actual issue was that the ‘Trusted Mode’ was not actually enabled by default for any of them since the start.

This could be a bug affecting all Linux users as u/gopalkaul5 along with many other users realised that though they had not used the ‘-insecure’ start parameter CS:GO was still launching in ‘Insecure Mode’. They know this because the console command ‘trusted_launch_info’ was used by them to check if the game was launched in ‘Trusted Mode’ or not.

All Linux based users can use the above-mentioned console command to check if they are launching the game in ‘Trusted Mode’ or not. If any of them find out that they have been a victim of this bug the solution is rather simple, all they need to do is add ‘-trusted’ in their launch options.

Though playing the game in normal mode is still absolutely fine, as only the applications whose software DLLs are signed will be able to interact with CS:GO. The insecure mode is a whole different ballgame and can seriously affect the user’s Trust Factor as any software will be able to inject into CS:GO and interact with it.

CS:GO on Linux Might be Affecting Users 'Trust Factor' Negatively

Hope that Valve pushes out a fix for this bug as many unaware users might be suffering without any knowledge of what is going on. It is in no way their fault and they should not be administered to low Trust Factor matchmaking which is genuinely awful.

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