Massive CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to See Through Smoke Due to a Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A game breaking CS:GO exploit has been found which allows users to see through smoke.
  • Users tinker around with a few game files and take advantage of an in-game smoke bug to see through it.
  • This is actually a really old exploit which has apparently still not been fixed.

There is always a bug or an exploit that the age-old Counter-Strike game has to deal with as the community tries its best to bring them to the notice of the developers as fast as possible. This time around a game-breaking smoke bug exploit seems to be hindering a lot of CS:GO games as it allows the user to completely see through the smoke.

The one-way smoke is actually a result of an exploit and all it takes to activate this bug is simply renaming one game file and creating a clone of another game file, according to the Russian YouTube channel ‘GeloM16’.

Smoke Bug Allows Users To See Through Smoke

The following bug is actually an exploit as it requires players to tinker with the game files manually in order to enable the bug in-game. The two simple steps mentioned above turn the cloud of smoke from a ‘Smoke Grenade’ invisible for the user, enabling them to see through it clear as day without the opponents having any idea that they are completely visible.

Many have pointed out that Russian YouTuber ‘Shoke CS:GO’ was actually one of the first people to bring this exploit into the limelight where he shows the working of the bug in-game.

From the video one can see that after tinkering with the game files when the user throws a smoke it turns invincible for him unless and until the user gets really close to where the smoke grenade has been thrown. As for the opponents and even other players on the user’s teams, all they see is the usual cloud of smoke where the grenade pops.

Both the Russian channels mentioned above have gone on to claim that while players were getting to know about this bug just last week, it has actually existed for a long time. ‘GeloM16’ in the description of his video has stated that this is not a new bug but is actually quite an old one which is long forgotten, all he has done is recreated it in a different manner and surprisingly it actually worked.

Massive CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to See Through Smoke Due to a Bug

The exploit has something to do with renaming a file called ‘spritecard_vs20’ within a folder name ‘Shader’. It is a client-side exploit and only works for the particular user who tinkers with the file settings. Hope Valve is able to provide a permanent solution to this exploit-based bug because whatever they did last time around to fix the problem has proven to be ineffective.

A Reddit user who goes by the name of ‘rapt0rjesuss’ had made a post (now deleted) on the platform earlier where James Bardolph who is the Vice President of FACEIT Media had acknowledged the plea.

Massive CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to See Through Smoke Due to a Bug

Later the FACEIT Anti-Cheat Team revealed that they had already banned more than 1100 users in the past few days for using this exploit and will continue to do the same. Hope that users will get clarity on the situation and hopefully not use the exploit till Valve has rolled out a fix.

Massive CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to See Through Smoke Due to a Bug

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