[Watch] CS:GO Player Wins a Round of Wingman in 1 Second on Rialto

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO community never fails to provide a fantastic game clip be it a super quick ace, an utterly stupid play, a bot clutching harder than Xyp9x, or a random smoke lineup with everyone spamming the comment section asking if it was executed on 64 or 128 tick server. Another such mind blowing clip was gifted to us by u/PureRockstarHD who won a round of Wingman in 1 second.

CS:GO Player Wins Wingman Round In 1 Second

Believe it or not, winning a round of CS:GO in 1 second is possible and it has been made a reality by u/PureRockstarHD who armed with a scout won the Wingman round with the game timer reading 1:29.

Playing Wingman mode with his friend and equipped with a scout, the user was playing CT-sided on ‘Rialto’ and was actually down by two rounds with the scoreboard reading ‘6-4’. Little did he know that the 11th round would be over within just a second as he scoped right across the river while standing at the CT-Spawn itself, and upon spotting the ‘T-sided’ players he adjusted his scope and shot right through the ‘Kiosk’ to be awarded with two headshots, winning him the round then and there within 1 second.

From the clip above you can see that as soon as the round started the player simply turned and scoped right across the river because he knew that the T-sided players have to cross through the open space in order to access the site and plant the C4. As soon as he spotted them, he took a casual shot hoping to damage them a bit but was instead awarded with a double headshot.

Though the result was extremely lucky what the player had intended to do was well calculated, he took his time to adjust his aim and only then fired his shot. Also, the feat achieved by the player is something that is probably achievable only on ‘Rialto’ because both the T and the CT spawns are weirdly located, allowing the T-sided players to be easily spotted from the other side of the bridge.

[Watch] CS:GO Player Wins a Round of Wingman in 1 Second on Rialto
Winning a round in 1 second is only possible on RialtoIn order to cross through to the other side without being detected a smoke would have to be laid down and even then the chance of taking damage is there. The situation is identical to the ‘Double Doors’ on Dust 2 where CT-side is at a certain disadvantage facing this similar setback.

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