[Watch] CS:GO Player Wins 1v3 Clutch on Overpass Using a Graphics Tablet as Mouse

Aditya Singh Rawat
17/Jul/2020 04:39 pm

Counter-Strike is inherently a really competitive game and its players love to show off their skill, be it with a weapon, a unique utility lineup, the intricate art of bhopping, or simply their knowledge about the game. While these may be the most common ways to gain some clout, u/aaronsfury takes it to a whole other level by replacing his mouse with a ‘Digital Tablet’ also known as a ‘Graphic Tablet’.

He does not just swap the mouse with this other device for the heck of it but actually shares a small clip of his gameplay, where he can be seen dominating his opponents without breaking a sweat.

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CS:GO Player Dominates Using A Graphics Tablet

CS:GO players are always on the lookout to do something different, constantly challenging themselves to come up with something unique and while most of the times these things are done within the server u/aaronsfury had a very different idea.

He plugged-in his ‘Graphic Tablet’ replacing it with his mouse and started playing CS:GO. To everyone’s surprise, his performance was not hindered in any way as the user won a 1v3 clutch on Overpass without any problems. Sharing a clip where he wins the round for his team, the user can be spotted taking all the three frags while also planting the C4.

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Through the clip, it is pretty evident that the user is operating the in-game camera and the weapons firing mechanics using a combination of his tablet and pen. More clarity on how he exactly uses the combination of the two was provided by the player himself who explains that the tablet is basically the mouse and he simply hovers over it with the pen to move the camera around, to shoot the weapon he simply taps over the tablet with the pen.

User explaining the working of digital tablet as a mouseUser explaining the working of digital tablet as a mouseWhile the explanation of how the device works is quite simple, things like these are easier said than done in most cases. For a player who has been playing a shooter with a certain mouse for a long time, it becomes quite hard to attain the same level of responsiveness when using a different mouse.
User explains the difficulty of using the digital tabletUser explains the difficulty of using the digital tabletThe player has to get used to the grip and tinker around a bit before becoming comfortable. The user might have been practising with the tablet and pen for quite some time now, in order to use it so smoothly.


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