Cryptic Tweets by CS:GO Devs Point Towards Possible Cobblestone/Cache Return, Mirage Rework, and More

Cryptic Tweets by CS:GO Devs Point Towards Possible Cobblestone/Cache Return, Mirage Rework, and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO developers published a series of cryptic Tweets yesterday.
  • The deleted Tweets sparked various discussions pointing to possible changes in the competitive map pool.
  • Earlier today, the developers tweeted a mysterious apology which only adds fuel to the fire. 

By now the entire CS:GO community is all too familiar with how the game developers like to tease the members with some harmless banter on Twitter, for all those who are new to this remember the cheeky poll the developers put up minutes before releasing Operation Shattered Web

Well, it looks like the developers are back with their shenanigans as they had tweeted out a series of cryptic messages yesterday which for some weird reason have now been deleted. Instead replaced by an apology which seems to have only added fuel to the fire.

Decoding Cryptic Tweets By CS:GO Developers

The CS:GO Twitter account was exceptionally active yesterday as it published a series of now-deleted tweets, sparking various rumours ranging from the possible return of Cobblestone or Cache back into the Active Duty Map Pool, Mirage supposedly undergoing a rework, and something related to do with the AWP or the mechanics related to the weapon.

Here are the three random Tweets that has had the whole community coming up with numerous fan theories and assumptions,

  • "When playing Competitive, purple is the best colour to be."

  • "Mirage is, without a doubt, the best map in the game."

  • "AWPing is just using the SSG 08 in EZ mode."
Cryptic Tweets published by CSGO developers (now deleted)While a lot of rumours have been flying around, the most probable explanation to the tweets are as follows,
  • For the very first Tweet, the majority of the users are expecting a Cobblestone rework as the in-game logo associated with the map is purple in colour. The map has been out of the competitive matchmaking for more than a year now and it might be a great time for the map to make a comeback.

    Another popular opinion was Cache making a comeback after the map underwent some heavy changes both strategically and aesthetically. Though the map is available for competitive matchmaking, it might be great to see the map come back to the Active Duty Map Pool as well.
  • The second Tweet was straight up associated with Mirage being retired from the Active Duty Map Pool for some rework and balancing updates. Since its introduction in CS:GO back in 2013, the map has certainly undergone a few tweaks but has never been removed. It is the only map to be featured in all 15 CS:GO Major Championships till date.

  • The final tweet has been a hard one to crack with the community drawing a blank on this one. Some were seen demanding the ‘no delay and quicker movement speed’ buffs to be re-added to the bolt-action rifle while others were debating if the weapon even required a buff at this point.

All in all the community had a lot to talk about in a single day, waiting for the developers to clear out their doubts. But all they received was a mysterious apology from them earlier today claiming that the CS:GO account had been hacked.

This was a major downer as everyone started thinking was it actually a part of the massive ‘Bitcoin Hack’ that has been raging throughout Twitter, mostly effecting verified Twitter accounts. But as the above-mentioned Tweets were harmless and did not scam any of the users, this theory was certainly a bust.

With no proper clarity on the issue received till now, the possibility of all this leading to certain big changes is still very much on the cards. Let’s see if all of this was a high effort ruse or is the community actually too smart to be duped by the developers.

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