CS:GO User Creates Fake Cheats to Punish Cheaters in Hilarious Ways


CS:GO User Creates Fake Cheats to Punish Cheaters in Hilarious Ways

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A YouTuber who goes by the name of 'ScriptKid' has waged his own war against cheaters plaguing CS:GO.
  • He lures cheaters using his 'fake cheat program' and then punishes them in multiple funny ways.
  • ScriptKid has previously done the same with cheaters affecting PUBG as well.

Counter-Strike has recently seen a huge spike in the number of cheaters plaguing the game and while the developers are doing everything possible to take care of this issue by releasing the ‘Trusted Launch’ option which is currently in beta. A YouTuber has gone ahead to punish these pests who ruin the fun experience of enjoying CS:GO in his own way.

'Trusted Launch' is Valve's attempt at combating cheatersPart-time streamer and content creator who goes by the name of ‘ScriptKid’ baits cheaters by providing them with third-party software that appears to be a cheat but in reality is a program that sabotages their attempts of cheating in-game instead.

YouTuber Cheats The Cheaters 

The unsung hero of the CS:GO community, if that is the right thing to call someone who is getting rid of cheaters in his own creative way. YouTuber and Twitch streamer ‘ScriptKid’ has waged his own little war against the cheating community by baiting them into installing his ‘fake cheating program’ that instead of giving them an unfair advantage in the game punishes them in various creative and rather irritating ways.

What ‘ScriptKid’ basically did was code a program and disguise it as a CS:GO cheat, the program also automatically recorded the cheaters game data sending it back to the YouTuber. He then created a website called ‘CSGOREAPER’ from where the cheaters downloaded his ‘fake cheating program’.

A month later a bit more than a 1000 people had downloaded the cheat from his website and the YouTuber had enough data from their matches to bring in front of the CS:GO community a compilation of cheaters he had single-handedly destroyed.

According to the data made public by the YouTuber the maximum number of cheats (country wise) were downloaded by Poland (351), followed by Brazil (145) and Germany (126) who barely had a difference of 20 downloads between them. Every other country on the list had less than 100 downloads with Thailand being the only country from the SEA region to feature in the list shown (top 16).

The punishments endured by these cheaters are as follows,

  • Burning Man - The cheater burns themselves with their own Molotov/Incendiary Grenade.
  • No Plant or Defuse - The cheater fails to plant or defuse the C4 at the very last second.
  • Big Spender - The cheater automatically buys multiple useless weapons.
  • No Spray For You - While spraying cheaters have a 50% chance of dropping all their weapons.
  • Invert Mouse ADS - Cheaters ADS gets inverted when aiming down the scope of a weapon.
  • Do You Even Aim Bro - During the late stage of the game cheaters fail to aim properly.
  • Blood Brothers - Whenever a cheaters cross hair moves over a friendly player the weapon automatically fires.

Some punishments are area-specific and occur only in some places across the various maps. These areas are called ‘Trip Wire’ by the YouTuber. Following are some of the tripwire punishments,

  • Violence Speed Momentum - Cheaters suddenly start jumping along with 100 sensitivity.
  • Butter Fingers - Cheaters drop their weapons when they try to shoot.

This is not the first time that ‘ScriptKid’ has done something like this as previously he has done the same with cheaters in PUBG twice. The compilation of the cheaters getting destroyed by the ‘fake cheat program’ is hilarious and satisfying to watch. This gentleman deserves a medal for his service towards the betterment of the community!

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