CS:GO Player Fakes His Own Death To Get Unbanned On ESEA

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO community at times can be a really weird place, from accusing a team of cheating without any proof rather than random game clips to sending death threats to a 16-year-old for the same. But then some people decide that this is not enough and actually go ahead with something as bizarre as to fake their own death so as to avoid an ESEA ban.

I know, it sounds too insane to be true and yet CS:GO player who goes by the name ‘Meho’ thought this would be a fun prank which would double up as a way to get unbanned on ESEA.

CS:GO Player Fakes His Own Death

Counter-Strike player Meho along with his friends decided to play a prank on everyone by deciding to fake his death. Here is a quick timeline of how the events unfolded following the initial prank that started on Twitter on 15th June.

According to a couple of tweets which are allegedly from his friends Andrew and Rough, Meho had died in a car crash on 15th June.

CS:GO Player Fakes His Own Death To Get Unbanned On ESEA
This information at the time was backed by Zyrus as well, who works as support staff at ESEA. He had tweeted that his last conversation with Meho had taken place just four hours before the incident and it was incredibly sad to hear that the community had lost another soul.

So while the community believed that Meho had actually passed away following a car crash, he was actually alive and kicking on the ESEA League as pointed out by Ryan from Rush B Media on 17th June.

CS:GO Player Fakes His Own Death To Get Unbanned On ESEA

According to Meho’s ESEA profile, he was last seen playing on the platform on 18th June. A day after he was called out by the community for pulling off an insensitive prank. Zyrus once again came forth to inform everyone that all of it was actually “A fake and made-up story,” and though he was glad that no one was hurt he did not find any humor in the prank.

Later that day Meho himself came forth to reveal that he did indeed fake his own death in order to unban himself on ESEA and that it was meant to just a meme but for no reason, it blew up.

CS:GO Player Fakes His Own Death To Get Unbanned On ESEA

And if this was not enough, Meho went on to also announce that he had actually been signed to a VALORANT organization. But this is a bit hard to believe for anyone after the move that he had just pulled off.

All of this is quite hard to digest and a really bizarre way to get oneself unbanned from a third-party gaming platform. Taking a quick look at Meho’s past behavior on ESEA further points a finger on the player’s character as he has been banned a total of 8 times from the platform, out of which 4 instances have taken place in 2020 alone.

CS:GO Player Fakes His Own Death To Get Unbanned On ESEA

While most of them are ‘Community Conduct Violations’ it has to be kept in mind that the 16-year-old has faced ban for ‘Threatening’ as well. Hope we can all learn a good lesson from this kid’s mistakes.

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