S1mple Overtakes KennyS to Attain the Highest K/D Difference in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • S1mple attains the highest K/D difference in CS:GO after playing just 1200 maps.
  • S1mple with a positive differential of +6451 frags has overtaken kennyS in the process.
  • The only player that has an higher overall rating than s1mple on the leader board is ZywOo. 

Widely considered to be the best player in the world Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has gone on to shatter a long-standing record of highest K/D (Kill/Death) differential. The Ukrainian with a K/D difference of +6451 (Kills) currently holds the record as he overtakes the French star Kenny "kennyS" Schrub who had held this record for a long time now.

S1mple Creates A Record

S1mple has been in terrific form for god knows how long as there is rarely ever a game or a series where the Ukrainian under performs. He was last seen playing with Na’Vi at the recently concluded WePlay! Clutch Island where they lifted the trophy after winning the tournament.

Leading the charge for Na’Vi was their ace s1mple who finished the tournament with the highest K/D ratio of 1.42 with a difference of +96 kills. This outstanding performance by s1mple helped him usurp kennyS from the top of the throne, a position that the Frenchmen had held for a really long time.

With this, s1mple now holds the record for the highest K/D difference in the world with a whopping +6451 kills in just 1200 maps. The Ukrainian has created a new record by smashing the old one quite convincingly, the image provided below will give everyone a good perspective of how quickly s1mple has managed to create a new record.

S1mple Overtakes KennyS to Attain the Highest K/D Difference in CS:GO

From the image above one can see the magnitude of s1mple’s achievement, within just 7 years since the start of his career the Ukrainian has already left everyone in the dust. What took kennyS more than 1700 maps to achieve was attained by s1mple with a difference of 500 maps between them and not just that, with a rating of 1.24 s1mple holds the upper hand in every single department compared to his competitors.

S1mple, kennyS, and dev1ce are in a league of their own with an average difference of +98 kills separating the three from each other. While coldzera who is fourth on the leaderboard has a difference of +680 kills from his nearest competitor dev1ce.

While all the nine players trailing s1mple in the image might have lost to him in all departments, the next best player in the world Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut who is currently ranked 11th in the race to attain the highest K/D difference does not follow this norm and seems to be the only promising candidate who has the potential to overtake s1mple.

S1mple Overtakes KennyS to Attain the Highest K/D Difference in CS:GO

Having played only 660 maps the 19-year-old already has +4178 kills under his belt with an overall rating of 1.29, the only player with a rating higher than that of s1mple’s. If he can continue to remain consistent then the young player has a chance of easily beating s1mple, that too with quite a margin.

But for now, it is s1mple that reigns supreme leading the particular leaderboard as the player with the highest K/D difference globally.

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