CS:GO Pro Maikelele’s Steam Account Hacked Despite Steam Guard Being Enabled

CS:GO Pro Maikelele’s Steam Account Hacked Despite Steam Guard Being Enabled

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Swedish CS:GO pro Mikail “Maikelele” Bill had his steam account hacked earlier today. The 29-year-old took to Twitter to share this incident, clearly surprised as to how his Steam account could be hacked even when he had the phone authenticator enabled.

Maikelele’s Steam Account Hacked

Maikelele shared his Steam ID on Twitter while asking everyone to help him figure out what was going on with his account. The player was actually surprised that even with the mobile authenticator enabled his Steam account was compromised.

To give more clarity from his side Maikelele said that he never logged in to any suspicious or weird sites, as he goes on to say that “Hopefully it is all fixed now.” The player still had to change his password which he had been keeping since September 2003.

Community Helps Maikelele

The community also came forward to offer help to the player warning him against accepting any trade offers or engaging in any sort of a trade deal. The users were of the opinion that though nothing might have happened to Maikelele’s Steam account, it was still hacked and that there were two possibilities.

  1. The hacker might have installed some sort of a ‘Keylogger’ to detect what Maikelele was up to and keep a track on his activities.

  2. The other possibility was that the hacker might have got his hands on Maikelele’s Steam API key, due to which the Swede was susceptible to getting scammed when dealing in a trade with another user or with a website.
CS:GO Pro Maikelele’s Steam Account Hacked Despite Steam Guard Being Enabled

Maikelele was advised to do the following by the community members, something we can all do if our own Steam accounts are ever compromised.

  • Change the password (which Maikelele already did).

  • Remove any Steam/CS:GO related browser extensions.

  • Deauthorize all devices from using the Steam account.

  • Check to see if any API keys were generated from the account if anything suspicious is observed then proceed to click on 'Revoke My Steam Web API Key'.

  • Reset your Steam trading URL so that the hacker is not able to spam you with trade offers.
CS:GO Pro Maikelele’s Steam Account Hacked Despite Steam Guard Being Enabled

Though Maikelele was sure that he had not logged into a suspicious website, the majority of the users were certain that he had surely visited a phishing site by accident. 

No damage has been reported by the Swede yet who is currently sitting on GODSENT’s bench since May. The player has since set up his own blogging website and was also seen asking for suggestions as to which camera should he use for blogging.

Maikelele has certainly been enjoying his time away from the game as he is clearly exploring other creative avenues where his interests currently seem to lie.

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