CS:GO Pro Maikelele comes up with an Idea to Commemorate Deceased CS Pros

Aditya Singh Rawat
17/Apr/2020 10:32 am

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  • Mikhail "Maikelele" Bill proposes an idea to create "wall of memorial" in order to commemorate CS pros that have unfortunately passed away.

  • Names a few players who could be inducted onto this memorial.

  • Majority of the community agrees with the suggestion, as they pitch ideas to create this memorial on Canals or Cobblestone.

Swedish professional CS:GO player Mikail “Maikelele” Bill came up with a beautiful proposal to commemorate all the CS pros that are unfortunately not among us any longer. The 28-year-old proposed something called “wall of memorial” on one of the maps for “our CS pros that have unfortunately deceased.”

Bill stated that some of them had devoted their lifetime playing the game and that he would love to see the names of Antonio “cyx” Daniloski, Bjorn “Bullen” Wall, Michel "Speedi" Gewargis, and Matheus "brutt" Queiroz, “written in the history books.”

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Many supported this wonderful idea of immortalising the names of those players that had dedicated a huge part of their lives to the game we all love to play and cherish. One user suggested to list down the names on Canals or on any other map with a stone background, while another came forth with Cobblestone as the map on which the names should be inscribed, to take it up a notch a user said that the names of retired players should also be added to this list.

Users Suggested Canals and Cobblestone as the Perfect Map for this

And while a lot more suggestions were passed, the majority of the users who commented on the post shared a similar sentiment to that of Maikelele, happily agreeing with what he suggested and commending the Swede for his fantastic idea.

Most Users Agreed with Maikelele's Idea

Whether the CS:GO developers would take this suggestion seriously and implement it, is something no one can be sure of, but it would be really wonderful if this or something similar could be introduced by the developers as a memorial for those players.


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