CS:GO Pro Fer Banned From Twitch

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 30 Jun 2020, 09:06 PM

MIBR star rifler Fernando “fer” Alvarenga has been handed his first-ever Twitch ban. His Twitch channel is currently unavailable and the update from Streamer Bans came just an hour back. The Brazilian has already been caught up in multiple controversies in recent times and now with his Twitch channel getting banned it is certainly turning out to be a really bad month for him.

Fer Banned On Twitch

According to Fer’s Twitter account, his last streaming session took place about twelve hours ago yesterday afternoon. The update on his Twitch account getting banned came about an hour back, that means Fer could have done something in his last stream that might have gone against Twitch’s ToS (Terms of Service).

But many from the community were left wondering what the reason could have been as no one seemed to know the exact reason behind Fer’s channel suddenly going down. A few users pointed out that Fer could have been banned due to his controversial behaviour outside of the platform in recent times, as a major discussion concerning the possibility of this happening took place.

Some other users were of the opinion that Fer might have been banned because he used the word “Mongoloid” which is a highly offensive pejorative term used to refer to a person with Down syndrome.

CS:GO Pro Fer Banned From Twitch
Fer might have used a pejorative term
No reason has been officially provided by Twitch nor has Fer himself spoken about as to why his Twitch channel might have been banned. The duration of the ban has also not been disclosed at the moment.

Fer In Recent Times

Earlier this month Fer had been fined by MIBR for making racist remarks during his Twitch stream. Fer while having a chat with his viewers lost his cool when one of them called him out for making a racist comment, the Brazilian lost his cool at this point and definitely crossed a line with a barrage of abuses.

After MIBR came forth to reveal that Fer will be fined for his inappropriate behaviour, he himself apologised by stating that “I apologize if I somehow gave an impression of racism in my stream.”

Following this incident, Fer was in the limelight once again in the huge ‘round-reset’ controversy involving FURIA. The controversy which divided the passionate Brazilian fans between the two teams witnessed Fer blatantly disrespect FURIA on Twitter by calling them out rudely.

CS:GO Pro Fer Banned From Twitch

Since then Fer has been laying low having faced enough criticism for his behaviour which has not changed since as long as the community remembers watching him play professionally. Even when MIBR captain FalleN along with Gaules called out players of Chaos Esports Club for cheating against them, Fer seemed to remain quiet and absent from all the action.

At the time of writing this article, no reason has been provided by Fer himself for the ban and neither has the duration of the ban been revealed.

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