CS:GO Update Introduces Rare Visibility Bug That Reveals Opponents Through Walls

CS:GO Update Introduces Rare Visibility Bug That Reveals Opponents Through Walls

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 
  • Major CS:GO update introduces a visibility bug that renders players visible through solid objects.

  • The bug does not work as an x-ray vision but gives a slight outline of the character behind the object.

  • It is still not certain what triggers the bug but it seems to be related to the new 'Boost Player Contrast' setting.

It seems like the ‘Boost Player Contrast’ graphics setting which was introduced by Valve as part of a major CS:GO update that was released yesterday, might not be as perfect as everyone initially thought it was.

According to the Reddit user TimSchumi, enabling the latest graphics setting allows players to see opponents behind walls and other such solid structures. In the short clip shared by the user, a slight silhouette of the enemy player can be spotted through the reactor model on Nuke.

Though it is extremely hard to spot the player outline which at times cannot be noticed when watching the replay over-and-over again, in a tactical shooter like Counter-Strike where the game at certain times progresses slowly any player with good game sense and sharp eyes will be able to take advantage of such a bug.

The reasoning behind why the bug occurs is still being debated upon by the community members, as TimSchumi himself states that there is no clarity as to why or when the bug occurs. The user also concluded that it is not easy to replicate the bug, as he shared another clip where he successfully managed to reproduce the bug on the same spot.

The additional graphics setting which was added to CS:GO only yesterday, was accepted by the community with open arms. They celebrated the fact that the option actually helped players in spotting stationary character models, effectively solving the visibility problem that has plagued the game since November last year.

It will be quite a task for Valve to fix the bug without knowing the root cause behind its occurrence, but nevertheless it will certainly be a priority fix as finally a viable and positive solution has been obtained to the long-debated character visibility issue.

TimSchumi has already informed Valve about the bug by emailing them the details. Let’s see how long before a solution to this problem is provided and how much more help can the community provide to them.

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