Insane Smoke Bug Deals Heavy Damage to Players upon Contact

Insane Smoke Bug Deals Heavy Damage to Players upon Contact

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Haci

The latest CS:GO update which was released two days back on 28th May brought with it a lot of interesting changes like the new experimental graphics setting called ‘Texture Streaming’, a couple of UI updates, and improved grenade mechanics. 

But, it looks like the update wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as according to a few users a new weird bug has made its way into the game along with the update. This bug might not be game-breaking in the hands of a ‘silver’ but has the potential to be quite irritating in higher ranked competitive and professional matches.

As explained by the popular CS:GO Twitter personality ‘Haci’, the bug in questions seems to have affected the grenades by making them bounce multiple times against a player model and dealing them anywhere between 15-20 damage.

The bug was most noticeable against a smoke grenade as both HE and Molotov grenades already possess the ability to damage players upon contact, Haci says that “When a smoke bounces against your legs, it sometimes bounces 15-20 times within a second causing you to take 15 to 20 damage.”

Not only does the grenade do 15-20 points of damage to the player’s health but it also affects the armour, damaging it for anything between 18-20 points. It will be interesting to see if getting struck directly by a Flash grenade will result in the same or not!

Also, Haci wasn’t the only one who observed this bug as earlier a clip showcasing a player on Mirage take damage from a smoke grenade also went viral.

This bug was probably introduced along with the recent update which observed multiple improvements being made to grenade mechanics, and we can soon witness Valve roll out a hotfix to counter this bug. Until then let’s see what kind off interesting clips come our way, as the CS:GO community is known to be quite creative when it comes to exploiting a bug to its maximum.

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