CS:GO's Twitter Account hits Ropz with a Savage Reply

CS:GO's Twitter Account hits Ropz with a Savage Reply

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Ropz says that though the buff that Deagle received was huge, aiming with the weapon is still inconsistent.

  • CS:GO's Twitter account hits the player with a savage reply, blaming his own aim as the culprit.

CS:GO’s official Twitter might have hit Robin “ropz” Kool with the most savage reply that the 20-year old would have received yet in his professional career, calling him out for having a poor aim as he revealed his failure to connect jumping Deagle shots against practice bots.

In an online Twitter discussion about the buffs received by Deagle, ropz was of the opinion that though the changes made to the Deagle were huge, aiming with the weapon was still pretty inconsistent, revealing that he could not “replicate anything on aim_botz from what I've seen in clips.”

To which, CS:GO’s Twitter account replied that the most likely culprit was his own aim and that it was probably not a good sign for the player, as it might hinder his chances of getting signed to a team in the future.

It is rare to come across such savage banter which completely destroys the other person while keeping it all light-hearted and playful in nature.

CS:GO's Twitter Account hits Ropz with a Savage Reply

Ever since the weapon balancing update introduced by Valve yesterday, the CS:GO community has been discussing various aspects of it. One of the changes, that has everyone excited is the buff provided to the Deagle in the form of increased accuracy while jumping and reduction in time taken to recover accuracy after the player lands.

Let’s see if ropz can recover from this sick burn and probably improve with the Deagle, before the next game he plays which follows the new update.

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