"It's too late" - Summit1g Criticizes CS:GO Developers for the Delayed Release of the Update

Aditya Singh Rawat
11/Apr/2020 03:41 pm

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  • Summit1g criticizes CS:GO developers of pushing out the update too late.

  • States that the developers rushed the update only because VALORANT released its closed beta. 

The much-awaited Krieg nerf is finally here and the community seems to be rejoicing so far, but it looks like not everyone is happy with the update, as popular streamer Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar after finding out about the update on his stream yesterday, stated that “It’s too late” linking Valve’s move to VALORANT’s release.

Surprised after reading the update, the 28-year-old first confirmed the date of the update’s release, following it up with a rant on how the CS:GO developers quickly pushed an update three days after VALORANT released its closed beta.

“How long has the Sig been f**ked?” questioned an animated summit1g. “You tell me three days after VALORANT comes out, we are f**king hauling ass now all of a sudden? We are just kicking into high gear and fixing something we hated forever? Okay, alright.”

Directing his next remark towards the developers he said that no one is falling for this move and that they better hope for VALORANT’s failure.

Summit1g who praised the update towards the end of his rant was not happy that the developers waited so long to push a change, that the community had been asking for a long time now. What he said might not be all that wrong, but good or bad, the update has been happily accepted by the community which witnessed multiple weapons being tweaked apart from the Krieg getting nerfed.

Summit1g Streaming CS:GO

CS:GO after recently crossing a peak of 1.25 million concurrent users needed some sort of change to keep their growing userbase attracted towards the game, with the operation coming to an end this weapon balancing update might just be enough for the game to keep its growth intact.


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