FLASHPOINT Transitions to an Online League due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 17 Mar 2020, 08:27 AM

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: FLASHPOINT

The coronavirus pandemic hits FLASHPOINT hard as the CS:GO league is transitioning from LAN matches at their Los Angeles studio to an online format, right inbetween their ‘Phase 1’ matches. The organizers did not provide any specific reason behind this sudden transition that is taking place right in between the matches, because of which the next few matches are being temporarily postponed.

“Flashpoint to delay tomorrow's matches and move online as we battle COVID-19.”

There is no specific date provided by FLASHPOINT at the moment that states when the matches will resume, as the organizers tend to update the public about their schedule “as soon as they have clarity on the timeline of teams being set up and ready to compete remotely.” 

What the organizers mean by this is that they tend to “ensure (that) each team’s home site is suitable to maintain our standards for competitive integrity,” in other words, making sure that no team uses any sort of unfair method to gain a competitive advantage.

In a concluding statement, FLASHPOINT referred to itself as being a “disruptive, authentic, and community/talent-driven brand of CS:GO.”

FLASHPOINT initially decided to fly all the competing teams out to their Los Angeles studio for the first two phases of the tournament despite the coronavirus concerns, when all the tournaments were either getting postponed, canceled or transitioned into an online format, FLASHPOINT was ardent on conducting LAN matches in a ‘controlled environment’.

Well, it clearly did not play out well for the organizers who had to opt for an online format right in the middle of the first group stage. This delay is surely going to hurt FLASHPOINT as its competitor ESL Pro League has already started, attracting all the eyeballs for the moment.

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