FLASHPOINT hires Former WWE Writer to help CS:GO Players "develop their personalities"

FLASHPOINT hires Former WWE Writer to help CS:GO Players "develop their personalities"

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FLASHPOINT Season 1 which is scheduled to start from 13th March onwards might not have confirmed the 3 remaining teams, but they have surely confirmed the hiring of a former WWE writer for the league who will be, “talking to the players and whose job is to work with the players to help them develop their personalities in the same way that he literally worked with WWE” says Christopher “MonteCristo” Kjell Mykles.

Stepping into their inaugural season, FLASHPOINT seems to be ardent on delivering top-notch content and is taking all measures in order to attain it. Most CS:GO players are not big fans of showboating, being vocal about things, or showing off their personalities, albeit a few rare instances, and what the organizers tend to is just “crank them up to be theatrical while they still have some element of who that person is.”

Duncan “Thorin” Shields while discussing whether it would actually be beneficial to bring a former WWE writer onboard said that,

“I was actually concerned when I heard we were bringing in real WWE writer because obviously WWE also does go too silly sometimes, but the one area that actually reassured me is that this guy actually said ‘The best wrestling characters actually are the ones that are the person but just turned up to 11’.”

He continued explaining that bringing out the personalities of the players and working with them does not mean that “a super quiet person like daps” will be turned into “the most swag baller,” while MonteCristo suggested that what could happen with daps is maybe “try and ratchet up his sort of intense intelligence or like his thoughtfulness or things like that.”

While it might still seem a bit weird that an esports tournament is hiring a former WWE writer if it actually ends up working out for them, maybe others will turn to such alternatives as well. For now, let’s just wait and see which three teams join the league.

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