Renegades Staff Leave the Organization

Renegades Staff Leave the Organization

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It looks like there is a major problem brewing between the US-based organization Renegades and it's employees, as several of them have handed over their resignation and walked away from their responsibilities. A Reddit post by u/catquesadilla shone a light on this disastrous situation, highlighting at least six tweets from six individuals, all of them announcing their decision of leaving Renegades.

However, one TwitLonger by sozo (@sozo_labs) seemed to give a fair bit of insight into the situation as he went on to state that the main issue which drove him to this point is “Lack of, inconsistent, backward-looking, outdated leadership (or old school management for anyone in the corporate world).”

Renegades Staff Leave the Organization

Image Credit: u/catquesadilla

He went on to reveal that the ‘leadership’ being highlighted here refers to the ones “at the very top.” Pointing out that they had started using scapegoats and did not accept their own fault, yelled at people for not achieving results, lied to both the players and staff, while also trying to divide the staff against each other, stating that “the organization can not grow.”

Talking about his plans for the future he concluded by stating that “Staff filter a lot of bullshit so that players do not bear the brunt of lack of process that is in place. Even then, players are impacted in some shape or form,” directly pointing to the ownership of Renegades about how “things have not changed. Nothing is fine.”

He also spoke about how the ‘Staff and Player Engagement Survey’ highlighted the issues which he spoke about earlier, but sadly the proof was not attached along with the statement. Sozo concluded by saying that,

“No more. Step down. By doing nothing and assuming that things will blow over will not grow the organization. I want change. For the betterment of the players, staff and the scene.”

With several members of the Renegades staff already quitting their jobs, it appears to be a clear reflection of a failed leadership system with poor supervision by the organization heads. And as mentioned above, if the players face the impact of the situation with the staff now out of the picture, it might not be long before the players part ways with the organization as well. Let’s see what the future of Renegades looks like.

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