Thorin Reveals B Site's Plan on Fining Teams for Poor Performance

Thorin Reveals B Site's Plan on Fining Teams for Poor Performance

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Duncan “Thorin” Shields and Dan Fiden - President of Cloud9 on the latest episode of the talk show ‘By The Numbers’ said that “B Site will have the ability to fine teams $100k per month if they fall out of the Top 20 ranking.”

Though it is still not clear which rankings will be taken into consideration, the reason behind the implementation of this fine has been provided.

“The idea is that by fining teams for poor performance, it will encourage organizations to constantly look to improve. We don’t want a “Shanghai Dragons” type situation of going 0-42.”

But this does not mean that B Site will be fining the teams each and every time they drop out of the top twenty, it is actually being implemented to keep the teams in check and see that no intentional mismanaging by the organization or other such thing takes place.

In addition to this Thorin also said that,

“B site is committed to the premise of paying talent within the 30 days which is the industry ideal. I'd like to see competitor TOs step up and publicly state as much.”

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