TYLOO Upsets G2 in the Opening Match of CS:GO Asia Championships 2019

TYLOO Upsets G2 in the Opening Match of CS:GO Asia Championships 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: ESL Gaming - Stephanie Lieske | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: CSGO_PerfectWorld

The CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 has kicked started with a banger of a performance by one of the home favourites, TYLOO. The Chinese squad has gone ahead and caused an upset by taking down G2 Esports in the opening match of the tournament while securing themselves a slot in the playoffs.

TYLOO who are coming hot into this tournament after lifting the trophy at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2019, continue to build upon their win streak as they knock down the French squad with a comfortable ‘2-0’ victory, kicking off their campaign in style.

TYLOO - 16
G2 Esports - 14
Dust 2
TYLOO - 16
G2 Esports - 10

The two teams went up against each other on Vertigo, an offbeat pick from TYLOO, who usually go for Inferno, Mirage or Dust 2 as their map picks. But they actually played quite well, taking the lead in the first half playing CT-sided, and then kept the ball rolling, stealing a few rounds every now and then to carry themselves to the finish line.

Despite losing the first map G2 did not feel the pressure coming onto them as Vertigo was closely contested and they were confident of a victory on Dust 2. Unfortunately, Dust 2 is also one of the maps favoured by TYLOO, as they hold a 73.1% win rate on it in the last six months.

G2 was great on the T-side securing a three-round lead, but it felt as if they were still short by a few rounds. And the prediction turned into a reality once TYLOO started hitting the sites, they secured themselves eight rounds in a row to walk away with another victory. Securing the series with a comfortable ‘2-0’ victory over G2.

With this G2 drops down to the elimination bracket where they will be facing the loser of EG versus MIBR match. While TYLOO with the victory has already secured themselves a place in the playoffs, irrespective of whether they lose or win their next match.

Let’s see what other upsets or mindblowing performances await us at CAC 2019.

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