ESEA takes no action against alleged hackers after multiple complaints

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ESEA takes no action against alleged hackers after multiple complaints

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Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman took to Twitter yesterday to highlight a situation where a couple of suspected hackers were not being issued with a ban or removal from the ESEA platform, even after several users complained about them.

Dennis was forced to act on the situation as his team GamerLegion were up against a team called 'pharsyde' while playing the DremHack Masters Malmo 2019 - European Open Qualifier. This team consisted of three players who had been reported as cheaters in the past by multiple users online. One of those three players, 'Holmyz' was called out for cheating just last month by a Norwegian Counter-Strike player, Kristian 'akEz' Kornbakk.

AkEz had tweeted about the whole situation where he was participating in an event along with his team 'Apeks', and they refused to play the finals of the regional online qualifier for ESEA Proving Grounds 2019 - Europe against holmyz's team 'pharsyde', which was accused of cheating earlier in the event for using radar hacks.

Evidence against pharsyde's player, Alex 'Holmyz' was also obtained in the form of a recording where someone can be heard negotiating a deal with a cheat provider. According to users, that someone was Holmyz, who supposedly also has five banned accounts on another gaming platform called esportal.

The Proving Grounds regional qualifier took place on 17th-18th August and even after submission of multiple types of proofs, including a voice recording, and Holmyz's constant association with other players who had been banned previously or are suspected cheaters, ESEA took no action against Holmyz or pharsyde.

Due to such disturbing elements present on a platform which hosts qualifiers for multiple tier-one events aspiring and upcoming teams are the ones that suffer and take the hit. As ESEA did not respond against the cheating allegations put up against pharsyde, Apeks forfeited their final match, failing to qualify for the main event.

The same team almost a month later faced off against GamerLegion and lost. Hope this time ESEA is able to do something so such players don't become a nuisance to the community.

Dust 2

GamerLegion - 16
pharsyde - 1

Sasha 's1mple' Kostyliev was also vocal about his opinions as he made a statement on the ESEA platform for failing to ban such cheaters.

Unlike the game-breaking exploit being discovered in Counter-Strike recently and Robin 'ropz' Kool discovering a bug on Dust 2, this problem doesn't require any sort of patching and can be solved by ESEA putting in a bit of an effort and liberating the platform of such cheaters.

Note: The article has been edited for more clarity and brevity.

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