Astralis beats Liquid to go up against NRG in the semifinal of Berlin Major 2019

Astralis beats Liquid to go up against NRG in the semifinal of Berlin Major 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: Astralis | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: StarLadder

Following the first match of the day which witnessed NRG take down the CIS giant Na’Vi, the Danes were seen celebrating hard after defeating Liquid, who after having a stellar Counter-Strike season could not bring it to a close-by winning the major.

Danes Prevail Over Liquid

Astralis - 16
Liquid - 8

Astralis started off the three-game series by picking Vertigo. The Danes were taking no chance against Liquid as they faced them on their most dominant map of the season, and as expected Astralis was always a step ahead.

Though Liquid had a decent CT-side ensuring a one-round lead in their favour, it was so proved to be irrelevant as Astralis playing CT-side were a force to be reckoned with. They won eight rounds in the second half giving away just one odd round to Liquid, taking a lead in the three-game series.

Astralis - 16
Liquid - 13

This was followed by Liquid trying to turn things around on Overpass and for a minute it did look as if Liquid would glide through the map, but it was nowhere near what took place as Astralis gave hell to the NA squad.

Liquid did not have the best CT-side performance which caused them the game, because what Astralis did in the second half was simply outstanding. Starting from the 19th round, Astralis kept executing on B-site and went for heavy contact plays, both Magisk and Device were on the money, hitting incredible shots as Astralis quickly ran away with the game.

With this Astralis secure themselves a slot in the semifinals and will be going up against NRG Esports tomorrow as Liquid are sent back home without winning the major once again. A heavily dominant season comes to a sad end for the boys in blue.

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