NRG defeat Na'Vi to secure a spot in the semifinals of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
6/Sep/2019 05:13 pm

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The second day of Champions Stage started off with Na’Vi going up against NRG. A match-up which heavily favoured the NA organization was on the money, contrary to what took place yesterday.

NRG Charges Through Na'Vi

Dust 2
Na'Vi - 12
NRG - 16

The two teams squared off on NRG’s map pick Dust 2. It was not the best start that Na’Vi would have wanted as they took a heavy hit playing CT-side in the first half. Down by five rounds, the CIS organization fought back in the second half, but could not turn things around due to NRG’s massive lead.

While it has been CeRq leading the attack for this NA side, this time around it was Tarik and Brehze who lead the assault for NRG. Both of them held an impressive rating of 1.52 & 1.46 according to HLTV as NRG took the lead in the three-game series.

Image Credit: HLTV


Na'Vi - 17
NRG - 19

Down by a game pressure was on Na’Vi to equalise the score and take the match onto the decider. Facing NRG on Mirage, a map which had proved successful for the winners of the previous day Renegades and AVANGAR, it looked as if even Na’Vi might be able to pull through.

But the second half witnessed a massive pull coming from NRG as they went on to catch up to the opposition, taking the game to Overtime. Unlike the many overtime battles that were fought during the group stage, this was short-lived as NRG squeezed through and made their way to the semifinals of the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

With three teams now securing their slots in the quarterfinals, it is down to Liquid and Astralis to grab onto the last remaining position.


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