What Is the Hidden Achievement in Counter-Strike 2 and How Do You Get It?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>What Is the Hidden Achievement in Counter-Strike 2 and How to Get It?</p></div>
What Is the Hidden Achievement in Counter-Strike 2 and How to Get It?


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While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offered a massive 167 achievements to trophy hunters, CS 2 only offers a single hidden achievement.
At the time of writing, there is no official information regarding the addition of more trophies, achievements, and such.

Valve’s new and improved version of Counter-Strike has replaced the popular CS: GO from every player’s Steam libraries. Although the latest iteration certainly improves the gameplay, it seems to come at the cost of losing all of your previous achievements from the last game. Currently, Counter-Strike 2 only offers a single achievement to its players and even that has a very mysterious nature to it, as you can’t track your progress until you have actually achieved it. Let’s go ahead and take a look at this.

What Is This Secretive Achievement in Counter-Strike 2?

This hidden achievement in CS 2 is called A New Beginning with the description This is Counter-Strike, too. Apart from that clever description, there is really not much to look forward to with this achievement.

Although there is no official word from Valve regarding this achievement, many players have reported that they got this achievement after they played their very first Counter-Strike 2 match. This does not specifically have to be a competitive match or an unranked match and players will unlock this by playing in any of the several game modes that the title offers. This can even be something simple like a deathmatch, a wingman game, or even a bot match. You might want to make sure that you get a couple of kills and play through the entirety of the match.

Even after achieving it, many players are left scratching their heads, as they can’t quite figure out the significance of this achievement. While the previous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offered a whopping 167 achievements, Valve should have added more trophies rather than offering just a single one.

It is possible that the developers will add more achievements to the game in the near future, but we’re just gonna have to wait patiently for it as there is currently no official information. So yes, you can technically brag to your friends that you have collected 100% of all achievements and trophies in Counter-Strike 2. Thankfully, you will have the evidence to back it up as this will be shown on your Steam library.  

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