Counter-Strike 2: How to Configure Scroll-Jumping?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Counter-Strike 2: How to Configure Scroll-Jumping?</p></div>
Counter-Strike 2: How to Configure Scroll-Jumping?


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Scroll-jumping has always been a popular movement mechanic practiced by many Counter-Strike veterans.
You can also attempt to throw utilities along with it by assigning the Jump-throwing function.
Many veterans have advised against using console commands to assign jumping, as it has been known to cause inconsistencies.

Counter-Strike 2 allows players to customize their input in various ways. One such input gives you a mechanical advantage and allows you to jump using the scroll wheel. Typically called Scroll-jumping, players have used this technique for years at this point, so that they can easily bunny hop or jump peak while clearing angles and entering crucial entryways and chokepoints.

Through this guide, you will understand how to bind the jump function to your scroll wheel via the settings menu. Let’s delve into it.

How to Bind Jump to Scroll Wheel in Counter-Strike 2?

Follow these simple steps to bind jump to the scroll wheel:

  • Open settings by clicking on the gear icon

  • Head to the Keyboard / Mouse tab which is located slightly right from the center of your screen.

  • Scroll down to the movements section or click on Movement Keys to automatically scroll down to it

  • Find the Jump Control (Usually bound to the Spacebar) and allocate it to either scroll up or scroll down.

  • You can still have your spacebar assigned for the same jump function.

One important thing to note is that doing so will unassign the scroll previous or next weapon option (depending on whether you choose to scroll up or scroll down).

How to Bind Jump to Scroll Wheel Through the Console?

How to Bind Jump to Scroll Wheel Through the Console?

Before typing in the commands, make sure you have your in-game console turned on. This can be done by heading into Settings > Games > Enable Developer Console. The hotkey for this is usually set to - “~”. Here’s how you can assign it:

  • Bring up the console by pressing ~

  • Type the command “mwheeldown + jump” to bind Jump to Mouse Wheel Down

  • Type the command “mwheelup + jump” to bind Jump to Mouse Wheel Up

  • Type the command “space + jump” to bind it back to the Spacebar.

If you want your Jump function to be configured to all three of these keys simply type the following:

Bind mwheeldown +jump;bind mwheelup +jump;bind space +jump

Do note that most Veteran Counter-Strike players generally do not bind jump or other keys through the console bind commands as they have been known to cause inconsistencies in their input, which can get frustrating as you attempt to do confident and skilled moves.

How to Bind Scroll Wheel to Jump and Throw in Counter-Strike 2?

If you combine jumping with throwing utilities such as smokes, mollies, or flashes, the function is commonly referred to as Jumpthrowing. You can do that by typing these commands:

  • “+boing” ”+jump”

  • “+ding” “-attack; -attack2”

  • “+dong” “-jump”

  • X “+boing; +ding; +dong”(You can replace with any other key of your preference)

It is completely fair to use Jumpthrow and players need not worry about it being an unethical practice. If you wish to do more intuitive movements other than switching weapons and just jumping, consider using this function to gain an advantage over your opponents.

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