PGL Antwerp Major 2022: How to Get Souvenir Tokens and Claim Souvenir Packages in CS:GO

Here is everything you need to know about Souvenir Tokens and Packages.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass: Souvenir Tokens And Souvenir Packages In CS:GO</p></div>
Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass: Souvenir Tokens And Souvenir Packages In CS:GO


Valve released the Viewer Pass for PGL Antwerp Major 2022, a few days ahead of the tournament's kick off date on 9th May.
Souvenir Packages which are a part of the Viewer Pass can be obtained by exchanging Souvenir Tokens. The tokens can be obtained by completing challenges or through direct purchases.
The cosmetics associated with the Souvenir Packages have not been officially revealed by Valve.

Valve released the Viewer Pass for the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 yesterday, ahead of the tournament which is scheduled to start on 9th May. It brought along with it a few features like the Pick'Em Challenge, Souvenir Tokens, Team Stickers, and the coveted Souvenir Packages whose content continues to be shrouded in mystery.

One can directly receive three Souvenir Tokens along with the Viewer Pass itself by paying a bit more, INR 750 for the normal pass and INR 1,350 for the ultimate pass. For those who are going for the cheaper base variant of the pass, they still have a chance to receive Souvenir Tokens via alternate methods.

As for the Souvenir Packages, which are nothing but limited-edition Souvenir quality weapon skins, they can be obtained by using the Souvenir Tokens and don't require a key to be opened unlike the regular Weapon Cases and Collections.

Here is how you can obtain more Souvenir Tokens and claim them during the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 to acquire Souvenir Packages.

How to get Souvenir Tokens from the Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass in CS:GO

The Viewer Pass is available in two variants, the base version for INR 750 ($9.85 USD) and the premium one for INR 1,350 ($17.73 USD). Both the passes grant users access to all the features, but the base pass comes with no Souvenir Tokens while the premium variant offers three of them.

Apart from this, users also have an option to earn Souvenir Tokens by completing certain challenges that come along with the Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass. These challenges revolve around the community favorite Pick'Em Challenge for different stages of the tournament - Challengers, Legends, Champions.

Here are the list of nine challenges that you can complete,

  1. Activate your coin before the tournament is over.

  2. Place all nine Pick’Em predictions for the Challengers Stage before it begins.

  3. Get five correct Pick’Em predictions for the Challengers Stage.

  4. Place all nine Pick’Em predictions for the Legends Stage before it begins.

  5. Get five correct Pick’Em predictions for the Legends Stage.

  6. Place all seven Pick’Em predictions for the Champions Stage before it begins.

  7. Place two correct Pick’Em predictions for the quarterfinals.

  8. Place one correct Pick’Em predictions for the semifinals.

  9. Make a correct Pick’Em prediction for the grand final.

For every three challenges that a user completes successfully, they are rewarded a Souvenir Token for free. In total, users can receive a maximum of three Souvenir Tokens by completing all the challenges listed above.

Finally, the last way of attaining more Souvenir Tokens is by simply buying them from the store either through CS:GO or Steam, with one token costing about $2.99 USD.

PGL Antwerp Major 2022 - Souvenir Token

How to Claim Souvenir Packages in CS:GO During PGL Antwerp Major 2022

Souvenir Packages are nothing but Major exclusive cosmetic collections that contain limited-edition Souvenir quality weapon skins. Once obtained by a user the Souvenir Packages do not require a key to open them.

To claim a Souvenir Package a user must have a Souvenir Token. A user can receive a maximum of one package in exchange for one token. In order to execute this, the user needs to follow these three easy steps,

  1. Step 1: The user first needs to select any match from the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

  2. Step 2: Once any particular match has been selected by the user, they will receive a random weapon skin based on that particular map.

  3. Step 3: The skin that the user receives will be specific to the map and participants (teams, players) of that particular match. These skins may also include a few stickers on them.

The below-mentioned example might help in providing more clarity about how this actually works.

Let's say a user picks a BO3 match between NAVI and Cloud9, the two teams played on Mirage, Dust 2, and Nuke, then the Souvenir Package will randomly pick a weapon skin from one of those three map-based skin collections with four stickers on it, a PGL sticker, NAVI sticker, Cloud9 sticker, and the Match MVP player autographed sticker.

PGL Antwerp Major 2022 Viewer Pass

Earlier, skins obtained via Souvenir Packages used to contain four stickers, the tournament sticker, stickers of the two competing teams, and the player signature sticker of the round MVP. But last time, during the PGL Stockholm Major, rules around the player autographed stickers had been changed by Valve resulting in the weapon containing only three stickers.

This year, Valve has reverted back to the old ways as all participating players have received an autographed sticker. So it is likely that the skins obtained via Souvenir Packages will once again contain four stickers.

These Souvenir Packages can only be claimed on matches played as part of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022. Users will have time until 20th June to make a decision and consume them, after which all Souvenir Tokens and Souvenir Packages will become void.

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