Is Counter-Strike 2 Coming to PS5?

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Is Counter-Strike 2 Coming to PS5?


If you are wondering if Counter-Strike 2 is coming to PS5 or other modern consoles, we have some bad news for you.
Valve has announced the game only for Steam, MacOS and Linux/SteamOS so far.
With Valorant reportedly coming to consoles, Riot Games’ FPS title might cure that tactical shooter itch for you in the future.

Counter-Strike 2 is set to arrive later this year and players are wondering if Valve will finally offer a multi-platform Counter-Strike experience. The game was officially announced for Steam, macOS and SteamOS (Linux) but there is no official confirmation about any other platform so far. The only console that can officially run the game is the Steam Deck which is Valve’s own product that is capable of running both Steam and non-Steam titles. Other Windows-based handheld consoles like the ROG Ally may also be capable of running the game.

There is no official word about Counter Strike 2 coming to PlayStation

Counter-Strike 2 is optimized for mouse and keyboard gameplay, and it lacks proper controller support. Presently, the only viable console option to run the game is the Steam Deck, although it falls short compared to playing on a PC in terms of performance. The Steam Deck offers a small 1280x800 display and a frame rate capped at 60 frames per second, which is notably lower than what even older laptops can provide.

As for Counter-Strike 2’s release on PlayStation (PS5), players will have to wait for an official announcement from Valve to find out if the publisher is planning to bring the game to Sony’s consoles. Until then, the game is exclusively available on macOS, Steam, and SteamOS (Linux) only.

It's important not to get overly optimistic about a PS5 release of Counter-Strike 2 until Valve makes an official statement. For those seeking a similar experience, Valorant might be the closest option, with rumors suggesting potential releases on PlayStation and Xbox following recent job listings at Riot Games.

That is all you need to know about Counter-Strike 2 coming to Xbox. In case you want to give the game a try on any of the compatible platforms, you can check out our guide on how to play Counter-Strike 2’s Limited Beta Test

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