How to Change Hands in Counter-Strike 2


How to Change Hands in Counter-Strike 2

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Players are unable to change hands in Counter-Strike 2 despite there being console commands in the game that are meant to do so.
It is unknown if the feature will be added to the game down the line.

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) allows you to change your weapon placement depending on where you like your weapons to be positioned on your screen. By default, games typically have the weapons on your right side as most people have their right arm as their dominant hand but you have the option to switch sides. Changing hands in CS2 can help you gain more visibility or it might help you if you use your left hand to aim. Here’s a quick guide to help you change hands in CS2.

How to change hands in CS2

There is a console command that is meant to allow changing your weapon hand in Counter-Strike 2: 

  • Open the console with "~"

  • For single-key swap: bind "X" "toggle cl_righthand true false"

  • For double-key swap: bind "X" "cl_righthand false" + bind "X" "cl_righthand true"

While the command is available, it does not work at the moment and we do not know why Valve chose to keep this feature out of the game. It is a huge dealbreaker for players who are left-handed.

With the code being present in the game, it is possible that the game will add the feature down the line but we do not recommend getting your hopes up. While you cannot change hands in CS2, here are some other interface commands that you can use to make your experience a little better. 

settingshud_scaling [X]

  • This command will rescale the HUD in CS2.

  • The value can be anything between 0.5 to 0.95.

cl_drawhud 0

  • This will remove the entire HUD in CS2.

  • In order for this command to work, cheats need to be enabled using sv_cheats 1.


  • This command will reload the HUD while also resetting all scales and borders.

viewmodel_fov [X]

  • This command allows player to set their Field of View (FoV).

  • Some other commands that should be used in tandem are viewmodel_offset_x [X], viewmodel_offset_y [X], and viewmodel_offset_z [X].

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