Here’s How Premium Mode and CS Ratings Work in Counter-Strike 2


Here’s How Premium Mode and CS Ratings Work in Counter-Strike 2

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Counter-Strike 2 brings drastic changes to its ranking system.
Players will now enter overtime when the scoreboard reaches 12-12.
The Premier Mode uses a map pick or ban system rather than the traditional option to choose a specific map.

Counter-Strike 2 has officially been launched and fans of the 5v5 shooter are overjoyed due to the improvements it brings to the table. It features graphical enhancements in terms of lighting and other effects such as your smoke dynamically changing its shape and form. All of these effects are possible thanks to the Source 2 game engine.

Apart from visuals, the game also sees changes in terms of its ranking system and introduces an overhauled Premier mode with CS ratings, which will replace the traditional ranking system in CS: GO that goes from Silver to Global Elite. Let’s dive right in and take a look at these changes.

How Does the CS Rating Work in Counter-Strike 2?

Essentially, the CS rating uses a new elo number which will keep changing based on your wins and losses. You will have to win 10 games in order to receive a placement rating. This begins at zero and goes all the way upwards of 40,000. Each 5000 elo will represent a specific color.

Here's how the in-game leaderboard looks:

CS Leaderboard
  • Grey: 0 to 4,999

  • Light Blue: 5,000 to 9,999

  • Blue: 10,000 to 14,999

  • Purple: 15,000 to 19,999

  • Pink: 20,000 to 24,999

  • Red: 25,000 to 29,999

  • Yellow / Gold: 30,000 and above

This means that each color represents your overall rank. If you compare it in terms of CS: GO, Grey would be your initial SIlver rank and Yellow or Gold would be the equivalent of Reaching Global Elite. This system is also carried over to weapon and melee skins.

How Can You Increase Your CS Rating?

If you wish to climb through the ranks of Counter-Strike 2, you simply need to win more games, which is easier said than done. Once you have secured a CS rating you will automatically see how many ranking points you will earn or lose, right at the start of a game.

However, keep in mind that being on a losing streak will drastically lower your ranking points. For example, if you lose 40 points on your first game and are on a 5 loss streak, you might lose over 200 points if you lose the following game as well. Similarly, if you are on a win streak, you will drastically improve your chances of gaining more points and ranking up as you keep winning more and more games.

How Does the Premium Mode Work in Counter-Strike 2?

Premium Mode in CS 2 will differ drastically from regular competitive matches. A map pick or ban system is used which means players do not have the option to pick a specific map and stick to it. The first team needs to ban two maps, while the second team gets to ban three maps. This will leave us with two remaining maps, and the players from the first team must choose which one they would like to play.

Map Ban

This means that you need to be a jack of all trades if you wish to regularly play Premier, as you do not have a say on what map you might end up getting.

Furthermore, you will also see changes to the maximum amount of rounds in one half, which previously used to be 15 rounds. With CS2, this has dropped down to 12 rounds per half and after you switch sides, the team that is first to get 13 rounds will win the match.

There has been a decrease in the number of rounds in Overtime as well. You will enter the overtime stage when both teams win 12 rounds. The first team to reach 16 rounds will win the match. The game will end on a draw if both teams end up on 15-15.

That is pretty much how the new Premier and CS Ratings work in Counter-Strike 2. Do note that the number of rounds needed to win a regular competitive match is also the same as Premier Mode.

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