Counter-Strike 2: Every Map Announced So Far

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Counter-Strike 2 Maps


There are seven maps available in Counter-Strike 2 so far, including iconic maps like Dust II and Overpass.
Source 2 tools will be available to players in the future to help them create or customize their own maps.
Valve is also likely to add more maps to the game in future updates but nothing has been officially confirmed just yet.

Counter-Strike 2 is currently available as part of a limited beta test and there are already quite a few maps available right now. Valve may have even more maps for us that will be available when the game officially releases in Summer 2023. There are three categories of maps available in Counter-Strike 2 - Touchstone, Upgrades and Overhauls. Here is a rundown of all the maps that are available in Counter-Strike 2 right now.

Every Counter-Strike 2 Map Available Right Now 

Touchstone maps are the classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) maps that are available in the game. There are no major changes to these maps in Counter-Strike 2 so you can expect nearly the same gameplay experience.

The Touchstone Maps in Counter-Strike 2 are: 

  • Mirage

  • Train

  • Dust II

The Upgrades maps in Counter-Strike 2 have received new lighting and physics upgrades. You can expect these iconic Counter-Strike maps to have a revamped look to meet 2023 standards. The Upgrades maps in Counter-Strike 2 are: 

  • Nuke 

  • Aztec

Finally, we have the Overhauls maps, which have been completely reworked. There are only two maps in this category, which are: 

  • Overpass

  • Italy

These are all the maps we have available in the limited beta test for now, and Valve is likely to add more maps to the game in the future. Do remember that the game is not out yet so we can expect the older untouched maps to also receive a visual upgrade in the future.

If you want to customize your maps in Counter-Strike 2, that will also be a possibility in the future as Valve has announced that it will be making all Source 2 tools available to the public. Of course, you will not be able to play games on your own maps in ranked, but you will be able to invite other players and play private games.

In case you want to give the game a try on any of the compatible platforms, you can check out our guide on how to play Counter-Strike 2’s Limited Beta Test. You can also check out our guide that discusses Counter-Strike 2’s console release.

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