Valorant and CS:GO Ranks Compared: How You Will Rank in the Other Shooter

Valorant and CS:GO Ranks Compared: How You Will Rank in the Other Shooter

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  • CS:GO and Valorant have different ranking systems and categorizing methods, but a theoretical rank conversion between the 2 is still possible.

  • In total, CS:GO has 18 different ranks while Valorant has 22 different levels. Still there is not much difference when it comes to rank conversion.

  • Read on to find your comparative CS:GO or Valorant rank across the other title below.

Since the arrival of Valorant, a doubt that has been on every CS:GO players mind is that what would be their rank in the other shooter if they were to switch titles. Well, it has been quite some time since Valorant came out and the game seems to have settled comfortably, while CS:GO continues to firmly stand its ground. Despite both the games having a slightly different ranking system and categorizing method, there is a pattern that surfaces when rank distribution data across the 2 titles is collected and compared. This gives us a rough understanding of what your CS:GO or Valorant rank might convert to when switching over to the other shooter.

Of course, there are several other factors that will affect the outcome of your rank when tested practically, as both the titles despite sharing a lot of common traits are 2 completely different games. But this data-driven concept helps us get a direct rank conversion metric, which in theory will be more accurate across a broader scale. So let’s see how your CS:GO or Valorant rank holds up to the other when switching titles.

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Comparing Valorant and CS:GO Ranks

CS:GO since the beginning has had 18 individual ranks, while Valorant currently has 22 different levels. Despite the uneven ranking distribution, there is a way to directly convert your rank in CS:GO or Valorant to that of the other shooter. For this, we will be taking into account the data collected by Esports Tales for February 2021 across both titles.

Valorant and CS:GO Ranks Compared: How You Will Rank in the Other Shooter

Valorant Rank Distribution - Feb 2021 | Esports TalesA quick glance at the Valorant ranking distribution from Feb 2021 shows us that the maximum number of players lie in the ‘Silver 1’ bracket. With only 0.1% of the total player base having attained the ‘Radiant’ ranking. On the other hand, the CS:GO ranking distribution from Feb 2021 reflects that the ‘Gold Nova II’ bracket has the maximum number of players. While its highest rank ‘The Global Elite’ consists of 0.78% of the total player base.

Valorant and CS:GO Ranks Compared: How You Will Rank in the Other Shooter

CS:GO Rank Distribution - Feb 2021 | Esports Tales

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Now, taking into account all the ranks and their respective player percentages we get a theoretical rank conversion datasheet. You can directly apply this to your current rank in either CS:GO or Valorant, to check your converted rank in the other shooter.

Valorant and CS:GO Ranks Compared: How You Will Rank in the Other Shooter

A few things to note from the above-combined data sheet is as follows, 

  • A ‘Silver 1’ player in CS:GO will most likely end up being an ‘Iron 2’ player in Valorant.

  • A ‘ Silver 2’ CS:GO player is better than an ‘Iron 3’ Valorant player but still not close to being ‘Bronze 1’.

  • A ‘Gold Nova 3’ CS:GO player is equivalent to a ‘Gold 2’ Valorant player. Also, both are the average ranks for each title.

  • A ‘Distinguished Master Guardian’ player from CS:GO and a ‘Diamond 1’ from Valorant will be in the top 10% of the total player base.

However, a very important thing to note here is that Valorant’s ranking system is region-locked. This means that a players rank is local to his own region, whereas when it comes to CS:GO the ranking is comparative to that of the global player base. This might make a significant difference, despite the fact that players usually play both these games on their own regional servers.

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