Which Country Has the Highest Percentage of Global Elite CS:GO Players?

Which Country Has the Highest Percentage of Global Elite CS:GO Players?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Research conducted by Leetify shows which country has the highest percentage of Global Elite CS:GO players.
  • Countries from the European and the CIS regions were at the top of this list.
  • The top 3 countries with the highest number of Global Elite CS:GO players per million citizens are Finland, Estonia, Denmark.

It is widely considered that the European region is the hub of competitive Counter-Strike, producing some of the finest teams and players that the world has ever seen. But is the same trend followed when it comes down to the casual player base? The question has been finally answered by CS:GO stats analyzing website leetify, who have published their findings based on data from 7 million CS:GO matchmaking players. European and CIS countries dominated the list, as expected, but it also revealed some surprising findings which we will discuss further below. Keep in mind that the number of ‘Global Elite’ players calculated is per 1 million citizens and does not represent a total number.

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Percentage of Global Elite CS:GO players per country

Taking a quick look at the world map it is pretty easy to see that the European and CIS countries have a lot of Global Elite players per million citizens. But a closer dissection reveals even more information specifically related to these 2 regions, some interesting observations are as follows

  • The top 3 countries in the world with the maximum number of Global Elite CS:GO players per million citizens are Finland (3362), Estonia (2046), and Denmark (1867), respectively. This goes on to show that Denmark despite ruling the competitive CS:GO scene, is not the best when it comes to the casual player base.

    If we further take into account the total population of these countries it is Estonia that comes out on top as the more impressive country between the three. This is because they manage to produce a lot of high-level players despite a population that is 4 times smaller than that of the other 2 countries.
Global Elite Density (Per Million)
Total Population (2019)
55.2 Lakhs
13.2 Lakhs
58.1 Lakhs
  • With the North American region already facing a massive downfall when it comes to competitive CS:GO, it seems the casual player base of the country is not doing too well either. The country falls in the category of 51-100 Global Elite CS:GO players per million citizens, which is quite disappointing for a country with a population of 32.82 crores (328.2 million).
  • Another surprise was Iceland who registered a whopping 1338 Global Elite CS:GO players per million, despite a meagre total population of just 3.57 lakhs. A really standout country amid other European countries with far higher manpower.

  • Countries like the United Kingdom (159), Turkey (130), Canada (113), and Bosnia (113), all made it into the top 30. These countries might not have a lot of CS:GO players from the region playing in the top-tier of Counter-Strike, but it goes on to show that even they have a lot of potential brewing within the local region itself.

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While it is not possible to say only based on these stats alone which country in the world has the most number of Global Elite ranked CS:GO players, it does give us a rough idea of how far ahead as a region Europe is even when it comes to the casual player base. No wonder, the region is able to produce such talented players and most of the teams at the top-level of competitive Counter-Strike come out from Europe.

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